Agricultural Reserve Interest Group Meetings

August/September 2014


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The Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) held a workshop in March 2014 to discuss issues and policies affecting the Agricultural Reserve Area. The workshop was held in response to requests by farmers and property owners seeking to expand the development options currently available in the Agricultural Reserve. Following that workshop, the BCC directed staff to meet with various interest groups, to prepare a "roundtable" discussion of representatives of each interest group, and to bring the results of the Roundtable to the BCC for discussion and direction at a future workshop.

As an initial step in preparation for the interest group meetings, the Planning Division posted a survey regarding the Agricultural Reserve in June 2014. Respondents were asked to provide comments regarding the most important issues or problems to be addressed in the Agricultural Reserve, as well as potential opportunities or solutions, and to identify a primary area of interest.

Using the information provided on the surveys, meetings of nine interest groups were scheduled in August and September 2014.

In each meeting, participants were asked to provide comments on:

Topic 1Desired vision of the Agricultural Reserve in the long-term future
Topis 2-7Concepts proposed at the March 2014 workshop by representatives of farmers and other property-owners (as requested by the BCC)
Topic 8Any other issues, concepts, or ideas not previously addressed

The comments provided by each interest group can be viewed here as they become available: