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In 2013, Minto Communities purchased the property formerly known as Callery Judge Groves Agricultural Enclave, a 3,800 acre site located in the central western communities. Minto Communities initially proposed a mixed use community to include up to 6,500 residential units, 1.4 million square feet of non-residential uses, a 150 room hotel, a 3,000-student college campus, and a baseball stadium. Minto representatives submitted a request to the County to revise the Ag Enclave language in the Plan and revise the Future Land Use Atlas (FLUA) concurrently to reflect their anticipated development proposal, which ultimately included ULDC text changes and a rezoning application. The proposed amendments are being submitted for review as an Agricultural Enclave pursuant to the Agricultural Lands and Practices Act, Section 163.3162.

Current Status

On October 29, 2014, the BCC adopted amendments to the County's Comprehensive Plan, and related zoning changes for the Minto West project, including 4,546 residential units, 2.2 million square feet of non-residential uses, a 150 room hotel, and a 3,000 student college.  Subsequent to the adoption of the Comprehensive Plan amendments, an administrative challenge was filed, which prevented the adopted Ordinance (2014-030) from going into effect.  However, the challenge was resolved, and on July 7, 2015, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity issued a Final Order (DEO-15-087) finding the entirety of Ordinance 2014-030 "in compliance."

Planning Division Applications

Comprehensive Plan Text Amendment Initiation Application
Additional Round Request
Text Application
Proposed Text Amendment - Nov. 4, 2013 Draft 
Future Land Use Amendment Application 
Application through Attachment F
Attachment D - Notification Radius
Attachment G - Consistency
Attachment G - Residential Density Analysis
Attachment G - Non- Residential Density Analysis
Attachment H - Traffic
Attachments I through O
Attachment P - Survey
Attachment Q - Conceptual Plan 
Future Land Use Amendment Application - Revised 7/22/14 - 7/30/14
Application through Attachment A
Attachment E - Disclosure of Ownership Interests
Attachment G - Consistency
Attachment O - School Board
Attachment P - Survey
Attachment Q - Conceptual Plan

Agricultural Lands and Practices Act

Under the provisions of the Agricultural Lands and Practices Act, Section 163.3162, Section 163.3162(4)(a), the County is required to enter into a negotiation process within 30 days of a complete application. The application is considered 'complete' as of December 16, 2013. The statute states:

a) The local government and the owner of a parcel of land that is the subject of an application for an amendment shall have 180 days following the date that the local government receives a complete application to negotiate in good faith to reach consensus on the land uses and intensities of use that are consistent with the uses and intensities of use of the industrial, commercial, or residential areas that surround the parcel. Within 30 days after the local government’s receipt of such an application, the local government and owner must agree in writing to a schedule for information submittal, public hearings, negotiations, and final action on the amendment, which schedule may thereafter be altered only with the written consent of the local government and the owner.

Additional Resources

This area of the County, known as the Central Western Communities, has undergone a series of planning efforts over the past 40 years. Some of these efforts were adopted, some adopted and later repealed, and others were not adopted. The status of each item is provided below. The following items are of interest in this area. Additional items will be added throughout the Minto West review process.


​Resource  Status
2005 Adopted Sector Plan​Repealed in 2007
2007 Proposed Remedial Amendment​Never Adopted
The Acreage Neighborhood Plan​Formally accepted in 1996
2007 Callery Judge Groves DRI Denied
2008 Callery Judge Groves Agricultural Enclave ​Adopted



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