Zoning - Temporary Use Process


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  • Question Mark IconWhat uses require a Temporary Use Development Order approval?

    ​Refer to Article 4.B.11 for the list of uses that require the Temporary Use Development Order, some common uses are; Special Events, Food Trucks at a fixed location, Temporary Retail Sales (rugs, sparklers, produce) etc. Temporary Use applications shall be submitted at least 30 days prior to the activity. Operation of any temporary use without Zoning approval shall be subject to Code Enforcement action.

  • Question Mark IconWhat is a Temporary Use?

    ​A Temporary Use approval allows a use to be located at a specific site on a temporary basis for a specific length of time. Refer to Article 4.B.11, for the requirements. Also, in some cases a building permit may be required for structures.

  • Question Mark IconHow do I apply for a temporary use approval to operate my business?
    Contact the Administrative Review Section at 561-233-5408 to schedule an appointment to discuss the application process.

  • Question Mark IconDo I need zoning approval for a Grand Opening sign?
    ​Yes. Submit an application for a Temporary Sign approval. Contact the Administrative Review Section at 561-233-5408 to obtain information on the application.