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  • Question Mark IconWhat is the Transfer Development Rights (TDR) Program?

    ​The County has purchased the development rights from environmentally sensitive lands and makes them available through the County TDR Bank, and purchased by the public to be used for developing properties in urbanized areas. The Planning Division determines the number of units a developer can qualify for. Refer to Art. 5.G.3.

  • Question Mark IconWhere may Transfer Development Right (TDR) units be used?

    The Comprehensive Plan restricts the use of TDR units to properties located in the Urban/Suburban (U/S) Managed Growth Tier. Refer to Article 5.G.3 of the Unified Land Development Code.

  • Question Mark IconHow many Transfer Development Right (TDR) units may be purchased?

    ​TDR units may be purchased on the open market or from the County's TDR Bank. Call the Planning Division at 561-233-5300 for the current price per unit in the TDR bank. The price in the open market is determined by the contracting parties.

  • Question Mark IconWhat are the Transfer Development Right (TDR) density calculations?

    Contact the Planning Division at 561-233-5300 for information.