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  • Question Mark IconWhat is the Future Land Use Atlas (FLUA)?

    ​The FLUA is a map series of 138 maps that establish the future land use designations for each unincorporated parcel in Palm Beach County.

  • Question Mark IconWhat are Future Land Use designations and what types of development potential are identified by these land use designations?

    ​A Future Land Use designation identifies a property's development potential under the County's Comprehensive Plan. These designations identify whether a property has the potential to be developed with agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial, recreational or institutional land uses.

    How does a property's Zoning District differ from its Future Land Use (FLU) designation?

  • Question Mark IconAre the Future Land Use Atlas (FLUA) land use designations applied Countywide?

    ​No, they apply only to properties located in the unincorporated area of the County, which are outside the boundaries of municipalities.The municipalities have their own comprehensive plans and Future Land Use maps.