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  • Question Mark IconCan I change my street name?

    Yes, you may change your street name, however, your street name has to be unique within the boundaries of the entire county and needs to be signed by all property owners whose property is located on that street. There is a fee associated with street name changes. For more information please call 561-233-5316 or visit our website

  • Question Mark IconCan I get an address for my vacant property?

    The county does not issue addresses to vacant property. However, an address can be issued at the time of building permit application.

  • Question Mark IconHow do I get an address for my property?

    There may be an address on file. If not, when you apply for a permit you can request an address during that process. For more information contact our Addressing section at 561-233-5316.

  • Question Mark IconI want to change the name of my street. How do I do it?

    ‚ÄčIt is possible to change the street name under certain circumstances. A clearly defined step by step explanation can be found on the Addressing Section web page found