AUTHORITY: Chapter 65-2051, House Bill No. 1817, Laws of Florida; Ordinance No. 89-31; as amended by Ordinance No. 2017-044, which adopted Palm Beach County amendments to the Florida Building Code (FBC), 6th Edition (2017), Section 113, which became effective December 31, 2017.

APPOINTING AUTHORITY: Board of County Commissioners (BCC)

COMPOSITION, QUALIFICATIONS, TERMS AND REMOVAL: This Board is comprised of nine regular members and two alternates. Regular Members shall be composed of individuals with knowledge and experience in the technical codes to include, to the greatest extent possible, an architect, engineer, two Division I contractors (GC, BC or RC), electrical contractor, HVAC contractor, plumbing contractor, a member at-large from the public, and any other contractor licensed category. In addition to the regular members, there should be two alternate members: one member with the qualifications referenced above and one member at-large from the public. The terms of office of the regular members shall be for three years and staggered so no more than 1/3 of the board is appointed or replaced in any 12-month period. The two alternates shall serve three year terms. Vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired term. No member shall be appointed or reappointed to this board for more than three consecutive three year terms.

MEETINGS: Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month, if necessary. The Board shall meet within 30 calendar days after notice of appeal has been received. Meetings are held at 2300 North Jog Road, West Palm Beach.

FUNCTIONS: To render interpretations and hear appeals of the provisions of various building, electrical, plumbing, and other construction codes adopted by the BCC; 2) To hear appeals of decisions and interpretations of the building official and consider variances of the technical codes; 3) To serve as the Local Construction Regulation Board, to discipline state certified contractors who willfully violate the Florida Building Code or who commit fraud; and 4) To serve as the Flood Damage Prevention Board, to consider variance requests and appeals in accordance with Article 18 of the Unified Land Development Code.