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  • Question Mark IconHow is an application for Green Architecture Approved?

    The Green Architecture application shall be reviewed and approved, approved with conditions, or denied in conjunction with one of the review processes outlined in Article 5.C.1.E, Review Process. The registered architect representing the applicant shall complete the required Zoning application, which will require compliance with the Green Architecture Designation Rating Program, Table 5.C.1.E.

  • Question Mark IconWhat are Architecture Style Illustrations?

    Illustrations prepared by the Palm Beach County American Institute of Architects and the Zoning Division, assist both the architect and staff when reviewing structures for compliance with key elements found in the most common styles of architecture in the County, these illustrations can be found in the Technical Manual, Title 5

  • Question Mark IconWhat do I need to submit for Architectural Review ?

    It depends on the type of Approval your request is subject to. Refer to the Technical Manual, Title 5 ePZB ezInfo and Article 5.C.1, Architectural Guidelines.

  • Question Mark IconWhat is Green Architecture?

    ​A building designed to limit its environmental impact through environmentally conscious methods of design and construction. The focus shall pertain to the exterior of the building i.e. facade, roofline, exterior treatment, and fenestration.

  • Question Mark IconWhat is a Green Architecture Waiver?

    ​In order to encourage the design of sustainable architecture, certain allowances must be provided for the applicant or designer of the proposed building(s). The Unified Land Development Code, Art.5.C, Table 5.C.1.E.-1, Green Architecture Designation Rating Program is established to provide alternative design solutions for Green Architecture. The Zoning Director will utilize this Rating Program, which is based on a point system, to grant waivers IF the applicant could demonstrate compliance with a minimum of 30 points out of a total of 50. The registered architect of the proposed building(s) must sign and seal the design of the building(s), and must continue to monitor and sign off on the building(s) at the time of Certificate of Occupancy for the building(s) to ensure compliance with the waivers.