Reentry Task Force


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The Palm Beach County Reentry Task Force is comprised of criminal justice stakeholders from across the system, such as representatives from the state attorney’s office, public defender’s office, sheriff’s office, judges, behavioral health experts, people with lived experiences, and victim advocates.
The mission of the Reentry Task Force is to increase public safety, decrease victimization, reduce recidivism rates, and create an improved quality of life for Palm Beach County residents. The Reentry Task Force coordinates and facilitates resources, develops and maintains partnerships, implements changes based on evaluation, and identifies opportunities for sustained reentry services.
Members of the Reentry Task Force are responsible for implementing the objectives described in its Strategic Plan, which is a dynamic document that is subject to modifications. The Reentry Task Force established six subcommittees to help carry out the strategic plan: 1) Youth Reentry, 2) Employment, Training, and Education 3) Data and Evaluation, 4) Sex Offenses, 5) Housing, and 6) Sustainability.
In 2008, the Reentry Task Force was formally adopted under the Criminal Justice Commission. The task force moved under the auspices of the Board of County Commissioners’ Department of Public Safety- Division of Justices Services as an official advisory board in 2017.