Data and Evaluation Subcommittee


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  • Jennifer Loyless, Office of the Public Defender ** Chair
  • Tamara Starks, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office
  • Daniel Gibson, The Lord’s Place
  • Roderick Huggins, Gulfstream Goodwill
  • Michelle Spangenberg, Court Administration
  • Kimber Heddon, Florida Department of Corrections
  • Orie Bullard, The City Riviera Beach Reentry Center
  • Rodrick White, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office
  • Larry Welter, PBC ISS Department
  • Cassandra Atkin-Plunk, Florida Atlantic University


  1. Establish diverse housing models and services for transitioning ex-offenders
  2. Identify existing housing related funding streams and opportunities
  3. Develop a local housing project dedicated to ex-offenders
  4. Advocate for ex-offenders to become a HUD defined special population
  5. Identify a network of local housing experts that are willing to find solutions to reentry housing issues
  6. Investigate needs of special populations including women, juveniles and sex offenders and facilitate the implementation of service


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