The Administration Section is responsible for the Division of Emergency Management's budgeting, grant management, the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) program, quality assurance, and domestic security programs. Budgeting in Emergency Management's Administration Section consists of managing the divisions' funds, acquiring and distributing grants as well as tracking costs during a disaster or event. 

In Emergency Managements' constant attempt for excellence a combination of Quality Assurance (QA) methodologies both quantitative and qualitative in nature have been developed in which the division is analyzing its efficiencies and improving upon them as well as addressing areas of concern. 

Emergency Management's Domestic Security program focuses on writing and updating Domestic Security and Active Shooter/Workplace Violence plans working with our partners in Law Enforcement both federal and local, Fire Rescue and Public Health to keep our plans and procedures up to date as the domestic security landscape continues to evolve.  We also present, upon request public outreach presentations, concerning domestic security topics, as keeping our communities safe from violence and external threats involves a whole community approach.


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