Strategic Economic Development Plan 

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Palm Beach County is at the tipping point of its ultimate future. The projects identified in the Strategic Economic Development Plan are designed as public private partnerships to leverage private investment, to attract stakeholders with interest and leadership skills, to support public agencies which will lead the initiatives, and to forge municipal and county relationships to ensure mutual cooperation and benefits. The overall objective is to effectively reinforce the County’s tax base, generate revenues with minimal increase in public services, build a global entrepreneurial climate, enhance and accent the natural and built environment, highlight arts and culture, generate smart transportation and land uses, affordable housing and learning opportunities, and create pre-and post-disaster economic systems that respond to our coastal vulnerabilities with vigor.

This Plan outlines the process for Palm Beach County to remain competitive. It identifies a set of strategic directions to fulfill the County’s economic development goals. These strategic directions are intended to strengthen revenues, build an entrepreneurial climate, enhance workforce learning and pre- and post-disaster economic systems, ensure that affordable housing is available to all income levels, improve the quality of life, and provide for smart growth in new population and employment centers. They set the framework for implementation, with each strategy divided into action areas. The strategic directions include: prosperity, sustainability, quality of place, equity and education, and position.