Palm Beach County Disaster Recovery Plan

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The Palm Beach County Disaster Recovery Plan (Plan) provides an operational overview and organizational framework which will be implemented during the four phases of the disaster recovery process.

This Disaster Recovery Plan details a coordinated system for recovery operations; identifies the operational concepts; and provides an overview of organizational structures which will bridge the gap between the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (2020) and the Post-Disaster Redevelopment Plan (2013). The Plan addresses policies that promote an expedited, all-hazards disaster recovery process among all stakeholders, including public-sector agencies and organizations; nonprofit and faith-based organizations; municipal jurisdiction and independent districts, including water control districts; fire districts; and school districts. Comprehensive community recovery must address recovery in four areas including the residential sector, the economic sector, public services and facilities, and quality-of-life components. This Plan also details the processes and systems to employ State, Federal, and private-sector disaster assistance. The Recovery Plan is accessible at:

2020 Recovery Plan