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  • In Florida, lightning kills more people than all other weather hazards combined.
  • Florida ranks first in the number of lightning strikes and the number of lightning deaths in the United States.
  • Historically, the most dangerous months are June, July and August.
  • It is important to know that there is more than one kind of lightning. Most lightning strikes that hit the ground are negatively charged and occur close to the rain area of a thunderstorm. During a storm, positive charges build in the upper part of the storm and can become so intense that they will produce a ground stroke that is many times more powerful than a typical negatively charged stroke.
  • These positively charged strokes can strike many miles from the rain area of a storm and are particularly dangerous because people are often caught by surprise. They see an approaching thunderstorm, but think the rain is too far away for a lightning strike in their area.
  • Most people who are struck by lightning are hit before the rain arrives at their location, or after the rain has ended.