Palm Beach County Unified Local Mitigation Strategy


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The purpose of the Palm Beach County LMS is to develop and execute an ongoing unified strategy for reducing the community’s vulnerability to identified natural, technological and societal hazards. The strategy provides a rational, managed basis for considering and prioritizing hazard-specific mitigation options and for developing and executing sound, cost effective mitigation projects. The LMS also provides a basis for justifying the solicitation and use of local, state, federal and other monies to support hazard mitigation projects and initiatives.

The Palm Beach County Unified Local Mitigation Strategy believes broad community support, including ongoing public and private sector involvement, is very important to the success of the program. While participation by private organizations and the general public is strictly voluntary, their attendance, comments, contributions, and support are actively invited, sought, monitored and fully documented.

The Palm Beach County LMS Plan is available for review and downloading at:

2020 Local Mitigation Strategy