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The Channel 20 Division of Public Affairs provides County government information and educational programming to all cable subscribers in Palm Beach County. Channel 20's primary services include broadcasting County government meetings, government informational programs, and critical public safety information. Channel 20 supports the Public Safety Department by disseminating emergency preparedness, survival, and recovery information and maintaining a storm ready live broadcast studio at the County's EOC, as well as, live broadcast facilities at the downtown Governmental Center and the Vista Center.

The Channel 20 Division also provides video production services to County departments, agencies and Board sponsored organizations to facilitate the education of residents about available County services, along with important programs and activities. Channel 20 broadcasts a Community Bulletin Board which provides graphical announcements of job opportunities, bid opportunities with PBC Purchasing for local businesses, road construction projects, along with County transit information and general government announcements. The division is also responsible for providing a video record/documentation of BCC meetings for public records requests and online viewing by internal staff and the public.

Telephone: 561-355-4573

Main Office Address 
​301 N. Olive Ave., Suite 1001
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Studio Address 
301 N. Olive Ave., Suite 100
West Palm Beach, FL 33401