Plan Review​​

This branch provides guidance for all customers involved in construction related projects within Palm Beach County and the 19 municipalities we serve.  From owners, developers, architects, contractors and sub-contractors we are here to help. 

With a staff of 14, we review on an average of 8,000 fire related plans and conduct over 10,000 construction related inspections annually.  Our Fire Safety Specialists average of 12+ years experience reviewing fire related plans and conducting fire-related construction inspections.  In addition, for new projects we provide fire hydrant flow tests needed for fire flow determination requirements throughout the County.

On the right of this page are “Quick Links" that should help you through the entire construction process.  The Architect / Contractors Portal provides 10 Basic Rules and several documents that will help guide you through the process.  This page continually changes in order to keep with the code requirements and to provide answers to new questions as they arise.​