​​Construction Portal​

The purpose of this portal is to inform the architects, owners, contractors​ and sub-contractors of the basic rules of engagement and minimum requirements of Fire Rescue to ensure compliance and cooperation throughout your project.  All permitting is submitted, approved/denied, and issued through the appropriate Building Department.  All “Fire" related plans submission and construction inspections are conducted by the Plans & Construction Branch of the Community Risk Reduction Division, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue.  The current edition of the Florida Fire Prevention Code and Palm Beach County Local Amendments provide minimum fire-related requirements for all construction projects. 

10 Basic Rules​ 

Car Seats  ​

Fire Related Signage

BDA | DAS ​​​ ​​

Fire Related Signage

Hydrant Minimum Standards ​​​

Apppliance Alignment

Calming Devices ​​​