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​​This portal is your one-stop shop for ensuring a smooth and fire-safe construction project in Palm Beach County. Here, you'll find everything you need to understand Palm Beach County Fire Rescue's (PBCFR) requirements and streamline the permitting process.

Key Points for a Fire-Safe Project:

  • Permitting: All permits are submitted, reviewed, and issued by your local Building Department.
  • Fire Plans & Inspections: PBCFR's Plans & Construction Branch handles fire-related plan submissions and construction inspections.
  • Compliance Standards: The current Florida Fire Prevention Code and Palm Beach County Local Amendments outline the minimum fire safety requirements for all construction projects.

Benefits of Using This Portal:

  • Clear Communication: Gain a comprehensive understanding of PBCFR's expectations for your project.
  • Efficient Process: Navigate the permitting and inspection process with ease.
  • Enhanced Safety: Ensure your construction project adheres to the highest fire safety standards.

By familiarizing yourself with PBCFR's requirements from the outset, you can avoid delays and ensure the fire safety of your building and its occupants.

Together, let's build a safer Palm Beach County!​​​​