How Do Sealed Bids Work?

Our sealed bid lots will be available for approximately one week of inspection and bidding. The exact dates will be noted on each lot.

Use the forms available to submit your bid along with your 10% deposit in the sealed bid containers at the store.

A Deposit of 10% Must Be Included With Your Bid or The Bid Will Be Disqualified.


Bidders are limited to one bid per lot, so put in your best offer.  As always when bidding, bid only what an item is worth to you and what you can afford to pay for it.  You may not retract your bid or withdraw from the auction once you have submitted a bid.  Bids are submitted using the specially designated Sealed Bulk Bid Packages located inside the Store.  All bidders must be registered prior to placing bids.  Bulk Bid lots will be awarded to the highest bidders provided the absolute minimum prices are met.  Lots failing to reach this price may not be awarded.

VIEWING AND INSPECTION: All bid lots may be inspected during the inspection/bidding period defined in the bid package.  Bidders are encouraged to examine bid lots carefully before bidding.  Contact Store Staff at 561-233-2256 for information.

BIDDING HOURS: Bids may be submitted between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on inspection/bidding days

BID AWARD: Bids will be awarded as defined in the bid package.  Winning bidders will be notified by phone, e-mail, U.S. Mail, or by viewing the postings on our website.


You must meet and agree to all of the following terms and conditions or your sealed bulk bid will not be accepted. Failure to honor these may subject you to all legally available remedies, including immediate disqualification from future bidding at the Palm Beach County Thrift Store (hereinafter “the Store”) for up to one (1) year for the first offense, and further disqualifications for additional or repeated offenses, in addition to other penalties:

  • Bidder must be at least 18 years of age and legally able to enter into a contract with Palm Beach County.
  • Bidder must be registered and in good standing with the Store.
  • The Store reserves the right to add and remove bid lots from the auction without notice and to reject any or all bids.
  • All bulk bid lots are sold “as is-where is” with all faults, whether revealed or not, and with no guarantees, either express or implied, including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness. It is the bidder’s responsibility to inspect bid lots to his/her satisfaction before bidding. No oral statement or representation about any auction lot is authorized, and none shall confer any rights upon the bidder.
  • Award of each bid lot is to the highest bidder. All sales are final—no returns, refunds, or exchanges.
  • Errors in bidding cannot be corrected unless extraordinary circumstances can be clearly demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Store management.
  • Once you have submitted a bid you may not retract it or withdraw from the auction. If a bidder fails to honor his bid, all bid lots won by the bidder at the same auction are forfeited, in addition to any other penalties.
  • Under auction law, ownership and risk of loss passes to the buyer immediately upon the award notification.
  • Payment in full is due not later than 4:00 p.m. on the day defined in the bid package.  Accepted forms of payment are cashier’s check, certified check, traveler’s check, money order, Visa card, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover.
  • State and local sales tax will be charged and collected on all purchases, unless proof of a valid Florida “Consumer’s Certificate of Exemption” or “Annual Resale Certificate for Sales Tax” is furnished.
  • Buyer is responsible for providing proper safety devices and equipment, licenses and permits to meet all government safety standards and legal operating requirements, and for insuring awarded items against risk of loss while they remain on county premises.
  • At his/her expense, buyer is responsible for removal of awarded items from the sites where they are located, not later than 4:00 PM on the payment day defined in the bid package. Buyer will be charged $25 per day storage fee for any item not removed, and the Store reserves the right to reclaim ownership at any time following the removal deadline.

UPDATED: 9/14/15