The County Thrift Store offers qualified non-profit organizations special pricing on some of The Store's retail merchandise. The special pricing program applies to Palm Beach County-based non-profits as defined by Florida Statutes S. 273.01(3).

Under the program, select surplus merchandise of the Palm Beach County Government receives a 50% discount from marked retail prices.


Merchandise not subject to this discount includes advertised specials, unclaimed evidence and forfeiture property, lost and found items, already specially priced items beginning with the letter "R", i.e., R0000023, and library materials, as well as motor vehicles and other items offered on competitive bid.

Proof of Eligibility

To qualify for this special pricing program, it is necessary to register at The Store and provide a copy of your organization's valid Consumer's Certificate of Exemption(form DR-14) issued by the Florida Department of Revenue. The Store will retain the copy of that certificate in its files. The certificate is valid for five years, and must be renewed to remain in effect. It is the organization's responsibility to provide The Store a copy of the renewed certificate or its eligibility to receive 50% discounts and to make tax-exempt purchases will lapse. Thereafter all future sales will be at full price and will be taxable.

To find out if you qualify and to access the application, download: Form DR-5

Cash Sales

At the time of purchase, cash sales under this program require presentation of a letter on your organization's letterhead, signed by an authorized officer, identifying the individual authorized to make the purchase. The named individual must present a photo identification. The authorization letter is valid on one sale date only, and must be dated not more than 5 days prior to the intended sale date. In place of a letter, the non-profit group may submit a form FAMO 2-100, available for download here. Without providing such a letter or form each time you make a cash purchase, your purchases will be treated as personal, rather than as purchases made by the organization, and you will be charged full price and sales tax. That's the law. The Store is obligated to report to the Florida Department of Revenue, any attempted use of a non-profit organization's certificate for personal use purchases. Misuse of the state certificate may result in loss of purchasing privileges at The Store and revocation of your organization's sales tax exemption.

Credit Card Sales

The Store will gladly extend this special pricing to your credit card purchases, but you must use a valid MasterCard®, Visa® card, or Amex® card issued in the name of the qualifying non-profit organization. Using a personal credit card (even if you will be reimbursed later by the organization) makes the sale a personal transaction, and you will be charged full price and sales tax.