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Airport Art Gallery

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Airport Art Gallery


​​​​​Palm Beach International Airport

1000 James L Turnage Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33415
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“Fly. Soar. Leap.” exhibition features ar​​tworks that convey uplift, forward movement, pos​sibility, rising up.​​ ​

Artworks were selected by Palm Beach Co​unty's Public Art Committee from more than 60 pieces submitted by artists who call the Palm Beaches home. The Art Gallery at PBI is centrally located on level 2 in the atrium near the putting green. ​Its pre-security location encourages passengers and locals to discover these exceptional artworks. For more information about purchasing art featured in this exhibition, please contact Palm Beach County's Art in Public Places Administrator Elayna Toby Singer at or at (561) 233-0235.

Palm Beach International Airport Art Gallery 1
Palm Beach International Airport Art Gallery 2

Keep Dreaming​  

Keep Dreaming

By Emilio Apontes-Paretti
Mixed Media, Origami, Paper Sculpture and Weaving Paper


48” X 48”

Price: $5,000​

​Apontesierra, an experimenter of the arts uses a mixture of influences in this art piece. The colors and shapes are mixed and woven​ together to represent the cultural blanket of our cities. A woman of color emerging from the darkness, chasing a plane in her dream knows there's more to this life than meets the eye. ​​We do not abandon our dreams, even if alone and despite the difficulties. Always follow your dreams and Fly, Soar, and Leap.​

Flying Ace​  

Flying Ace​

By Heather Bergstrom
Acrylic on Canvas


40” X 30”

Price: $1,800

​​I've always loved pelicans. If you've ever seen one on land, it's quite ungainly, even comical. In the air however, he is all grace and steely courage, capable of soaring 150 feet high and diving straight down into the water at break-neck speed. Surprising to say the least! Just as surprising is the hidden talent revealed by someone who has challenged our assumptions. This painting charges us to refrain from snap judgements and give people (and pelicans) their chance to soar. ​​



By Guy Brooksbank
Dye Sublimation Print on Aluminum


40” X 50”

Price: $3,500​

​Taking off is optional, landing is mandatory. Every pilot-in-training hears this. Obvious perhaps, but a reminder that flying - literally and metaphorically, takes faith and courage. This flamingo, wings beating to reach the momentum required for take off, reminds us of that courage. Even though our destination is unclear, and our take off may appear far from graceful, a leap of faith is required to take flight. As Harper Lee reminds us through her character Atticus Finch, "What good are wings without the courage to fly?"

Bodies Have Wings  

​Bodies Have Wings

By Lara Chapman
Photograph, Acrylic Laminated


30” X 30”

Price: $850​

​'Bodies Have Wings' is a macro, abstract image of a monarch butterfly body and wings. This photograph conveys a spirit of hope, enduring strength and resilience and works as a metaphor for all living creatures on earth, whether wings are visible physically or visible within the soul and spirit. All bodies have wings, including yours. Will you fly like the monarch?

Pas De Deux  

Pas De Deux

By Kris Davis
Oil on Canvas

40” X 30”
Price: $3,900
My current body of work is focused on people swimming in the beautiful water we have here in Florida. My goal is to capture a moment in time to create a feeling that may be peaceful or playful. I like to focus on the way the light affects the water to show movement. The water is my happy place.

Color Accent 6​  

Color Accent 6

By Marleen DeWaele-De Bock
Acrylic on Canvas

48” x 60”
Price: $4,800
Marleen De Waele-De Bock is a Belgian-born artist who has lived in South Africa, Mozambique, Nashville, and recently moved to Boca Raton. Since moving to Florida, her primary focus has been her representations of nature. The inspiration for her large-scale landscapes is found immediately outside her door and the end result is often more imaginative than narrative. Her paintings reflect a new set of ideals and express the desire to honor the small glimpses of beauty and life peeking through even in unlikely circumstances.

Fly me to The Sun​  

Fly me to The Sun

By Stan Dornfest
Acrylic on Canvas

48” x 36”
Price: $2,800
While exploring The Azores…a Portuguese Island off the coast of North Africa we come across this remarkable, unique vegetation that seems to be Soaring towards the Sun. A swirl of colors flying and dancing before me. I am enchanted and look forward to expressing my delight on Canvas. Nature sets my spirit soaring once again.

The Wind Removes Her Veil​​  

The Wind Removes Her Veil​​

By Linda Glassberg
Oil on Canvas

40” X 30”
Price: $1,800
The bud is shy, but the wind removes/her veil suddenly. The line from Rumi's poem, Spring, provided the inspiration for my oil on canvas painting. New life is propelled forward. The thrust and soaring of energy initiates the life process and transforms with a creative dynamic. Using line as a vehicle for expression of movement and momentum, I convey a kinetic effect powering the fiery oranges—a bud or a torch— that seems to emit energy upward and outward, progressing exponentially beyond itself.

Wood Stork Flying Over The Everglades​​​  

Wood Stork Flying Over The Everglades​​​

By Tom Grill
Photograph on Metal

48” X 30”
Price: $2,250
My approach to constructing an image is to break a scene into component parts and use them as the building blocks for reconstructing a new image. I call this technique "Image Architecture". This image of a Wood Stork soaring above the Everglades reflects the promise of recently successful restoration of its habitat. Once listed as endangered, the Wood Stork has been coming back. Hopefully, images like this will encourage enthusiasm for future recovery of the Everglades ecosystem so that species, like the Wood Stork, can continue their flight to recovery.



By Lewis Lautin
Digital Photography on Canvas

40” x 30”
Price: $500
In the process of growing from child to adult, there are many opportunities to come into view; to come into being. Each offers the opportunity to soar. Some are as simple as mastering a flip on a trampoline. Others may take the sense of literally emerging from a shell. And so, the chick comes to life.

I Will Fly a Kite​  

I Will Fly a Kite

By Lupe Lawrence
Oil on Canvas​

40” x 30” ​
Price: $3,550 ​
Leonardo DaVinci said, "Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return." "The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it." This painting is of a little boy's first taste of flying.

Dreamer's Disease

By Quinn Miller
Photograph on Paper

45” X 30”
Price:$ 300​
I remember being a kid and having all these grand ideas and dreams of who I would become when I was older. Was it an artist? A cop? A teacher? Who knew? I just remember constantly switching back and forth between aspirations. The idea is that each plane represents a dream...and sometimes our dreams don't always happen or pan out the way we expect them to, but that shouldn't stop us from continuing to build and fly more 'dreams'...because not all dreams crumble.​



By Hilary Pulitzer
Oil on Canvas

40” x 30”
Price: $950
Flying- In aviation is it 'the physics of flight' or the 'miracle of flight'? Defying gravity with small aircraft is exhilarating and dangerous My technique in this painting was to use simple shapes and a limited color palette to convey the distance from a small plane to the surface of the ocean. My goal was to evoke the dizziness of being at an uncertain altitude while flying at high speed over water. Uplifted by new shapes and colors of land as we soar through the clouds. Enjoy your flight!



By Giada Robinson
Photography on Metal

40” x 30”
Price: $250
As a student, I am encouraged to explore my opportunities in and out of the classroom and take advantage of my resources. As an artist, I have found that risk taking opens doors. For this piece, photographed at the Aero Club in Wellington, I ventured toward the tarmac and introduced my self to the pilots. From my conversations, I recognized that these planes facilitate freedom and reconnaissance. In an attempt to highlight the anatomy of a small propeller plane, I have captured this abstract photo.



By Bridget Vizoso
Digital Montage

31.2” x 36.2”
Price: ​$1,500
Conure, perched before a bio-diverse montage of botanical illustrations pays homage to the local habitat and reminds the viewer not to take nature's beauty and utility for granted, as the sprawl of human development destroys the delicate balance of Earth's health. Bridget creates collages and mix media sculptures informed by her subconscious, societal and inter-relational ironies, feminine archetypes and the natural world. She moved to Palm Beach in 2020 from NYC where she lived/worked as a botanical artist for 30 yrs. Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries.​​