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Sequence and Perfect Game by Blessing Hancock

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Sequence and Perfect Game by Blessing Hancock



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Ballpark of the Palm Beaches
5444 Haverhill Road, West Palm Beach, Florida 33411
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Shade panel designs were inspired by the natural environment of the Palm Beaches and the history of spring training in West Palm Beach. From a distance, shade panels create a strong visual impression of tropical splendor. Up close visitors see cut outs of baseball players in motion. Patterns feature movement sequences performed by players including the pitch, catch, at-bat and more. Water jet cut panels cast intricate shadow patterns throughout concourses.

Medium: 316s Stainless Steel

Completed in 2017

Perfect Game
Bridge panel designs animate baseball pitch grips and everyday slogans that originate from the game of baseball. As sunlight streams through handmade glass panels, luminous imagery engage visitors as they make their way into the ballpark. It is common to see fans beside images "striking a pose" as they practice their pitch postures. Fans young and old recognize the familiar slogans such as "Step up to the Plate" and "Swing for the Fences" and often seen saying them aloud as they walk along the bridges.

Medium: Enamel on Glass

Completed in 2017
Photo Credit:  Robin Hill Photography