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Productive Light by Laura Haddad & Tom Drugan

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Productive Light by Laura Haddad & Tom Drugan



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Palm Beach County Library – Acreage Branch
15801 Orange Blvd, Loxahatche, FL
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Just as Orange Groves rely on the sun's energy to grow, solar power activates Productive Light, a luminous sculpture installation.

The orange tree sculpture pays homage to the integral role sunlight plays in creating the Acreage's orange grove industry. Photovoltaic panels on the roof capture sunlight to charge illuminated glass oranges, linking solar energy's modern use to its historical role in agriculture.

By pressing buttons on the interactive sun panel visitors can watch the sculpture's unripe green fruits gradually turn orange and view the art's hidden battery system behind the sun panel. Meters record the amount of electricity captured by the roof's solar panels and stored in batteries used to charge the sculpture's lights.

Colored and textured to simulate orange skin, clearstory windows feature a barcode design that references the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) of an educational booklet written about the artwork by the artists.


Photo Credit: Robin Hill
Medium: Polished and Etched Stainless Steel, Hand-blown Glass, Acrylic, LED Lights, Solar Panels, DC Solar Batteries, Polycrystalline Solar Cell, Analog and Digital Meters, Paper, Silk-Screened Enamel on Tempered Glass                

Completed in 2012.