The Traffic Signal Systems Group of Palm Beach County's Traffic Division is responsible for several functions within the Traffic Engineering Division.  In addition to overseeing the projects involved in designing, constructing, and operating traffic signal systems and Intelligent Transportation System components, the Traffic Signal Systems Group also oversees the County's Street Lighting program, Roadside Vendor program and Adopt-A-Road program. These functions are all listed and briefly summarized below:

  • Traffic Signal Design:
    The Signal Design Group is responsible for the design, engineering, construction coordination and field inspection of all traffic signal installations maintained by the County. It also maintains updated signalization plans for all signalized intersections under County jurisdiction.
  • Traffic Signal Timing:

    The Signal Timing Group is responsible for the optimization, implementation and modification of traffic signal timing at County-maintained signals. This Group also supports the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) TSM&O (Transportation System Management and Operation) Program which is focused on real-time active management of recurring and non-recurring congestion along certain arterials within the County.

    To report signal timing issues, please email your concerns to  ENG-FixSignalTiming@pbc.gov . When providing information regarding your concern, please as a minimum specify the following details to help us investigate your concern:

        • Location of concern
        • Direction of travel
        • Date or day of the week the issue was observed
        • Approximate time the issue was observed
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  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS):
    The ITS Group is responsible for the design, operation and maintenance of the County's ITS infrastructure components including CCTV cameras, fiber optic cable communications network, travel time detectors, arterial dynamic message signs and video vehicle detection systems. Additionally, the ITS Group manages the County's Traffic Management Center (TMC) which is jointly operated by the County and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).     

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  • Street Lighting:
    The Street Lighting Program installs lighting along major roadways located within unincorporated Palm Beach County. Only Thoroughfare roadways with four or more lanes will be considered. For information on the criteria Palm Beach County uses to evaluate street lighting requests, please review the County's Street Lighting Policy.  Within municipal limits, contact the appropriate municipality for requests. To determine which municipality the street light is in, please visit the map of municipalities here.The Florida, Power and Light Company (FPL) maintains approximately 95% of the unincorporated Palm Beach County street lights. For outages, contact FPL by visiting the website https://www.fpl.com/support/streetlight-single.html or by calling (800)4-OUTAGE (800-468-8243).
    List of Municipal Contacts for Street Light concerns
  • Roadside Vendor
    The Roadside Vendor program is responsible for administering and monitoring the permits required for vending of approved items (plants, produce, flowers, and prepared foods) along County roads within unincorporated areas of Palm Beach County.  This program is governed by the Palm Beach County Roadside Vendors Ordinance.  For more information on the Roadside Vendor program in Palm Beach County, please visit the Roadside Vendor webpage here
  • Adopt-A-Road
    Persons and or groups interested in beautifying County roadways through litter removal can adopt segments of County roadway through the Adopt-A-Road program. For more information, please visit the Adopt-A-Road webpage here.

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