The Traffic Operations Section is responsible for the installation and maintenance of traffic control devices including traffic signals, signs and roadway striping for roads under the jurisdiction of Palm Beach County. The Operations Section also responds to emergency calls involving traffic control devices on a 24-hour, 7 day a week basis. For more information on the programs managed by Traffic Operations, please see below:

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  • Traffic Construction: The Construction group constructs new intersection signal installations under Palm Beach County's jurisdiction. This includes setting poles, wires (span & messenger), vehicle signals, pedestrian signals, and vehicle detection loops associated with intersections. They install and maintain street lights at signalized intersections. They repair signal equipment at intersections damaged by vehicular accidents, and replace signalized intersections as part of the ongoing preventative maintenance program. They install fiber optic cable, conduit and pull boxes.
  • Sign Group: The Sign Group manufactures, installs and maintains the traffic signs for all roadways under the jurisdiction of Palm Beach County. They manufacture signs for other County departments and water management districts. They perform ongoing preventative maintenance sign program on all major County arterial roadways.
    making signs in the sign shop  installing a stop sign
  • Traffic Signal Group: The Signal group repairs all of the traffic signals under Palm Beach County's jurisdiction on a 24 hour basis. They are responsible for the installation of signal equipment at new intersections and upgrades at older intersections. They also inspect contractor built intersection signals and perform preventative maintenance on all signalized intersections.
    working on traffic signals   maintenance on a signal box
  • Roadway Striping Group: The Roadway Striping Group installs and maintains all pavement markings and delineators on Palm Beach County maintained roads. They install the markings for all signalized intersections and school zones.
    striping roadways   striping roadways

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