A strategic economic development initiative by Palm Beach County to increase employment, develop the workforce, and diversify and expand the local economy. The existing Business Incubation Center have developed a network of services and funding sources to provide services required by the business community. The centers are situated within generally recognized service areas in Palm Beach County without being prohibited from providing assistance outside their immediate geographic area.

The centers offer services to entrepreneurial firms, such as: inexpensive work-site facilities that include shared office services and access to equipment; flexible leases and expandable space; business training; and technical assistance. The provision of management guidelines, assistance, and consulting accelerate the successful development of entrepreneurial companies throughout Palm Beach County.

Two major Business Incubation Associations are:

Florida Business Incubation Association

National Business Incubation Association


Business Incubation Center

   The Center for Technology, Enterprise & Development (TED), Inc.
          The TED Center
          401 W. Atlantic Ave., Suite 09, Delray Beach, FL 33444
          561-265-3790; Fax 561-265-0806
        Seabron A. Smith, Executive Director

       (rev. 08-09-17)