Small Scale Amendments

Summary/Maps ​Application
Southern Benoist Application                             
 Kid Sanctuary Application
Boynton Atrium CLF Application
Burlington StorageApplication
​Banyan CoveApplication
York Assisted Living FacilityApplication

Round: 18-A

Clint Moore Turnpike CLFApplication
Atlantis Reserve
Poets WalkApplication
West Central TransportationApplication

Round: 18-B

Summary/Maps Application
​Morning Star MLUApplication
North Beach Plaza Application
​Lantana Road 7-Eleven​​Application           
​RaceTrac Boynton Acme Dairy​​Application           
​Resort Lifestyle Communities​​Application           
​Rainberry PUD - Pod B​​Application           
​​​Indian Trails Grove WCR OverlayApplication    

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Adopted Amendments (Ordinances)