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  • Are there hours of operation for non-residential uses?

    The hours of operation for commercial, public and civic uses located within 250 feet of a residential district and commercial uses (in a Commercial Pod of a Planned Development District PDD) within 300 feet of a residential unit shall not commence business activities, including deliveries and stocking, prior to 6:00 AM nor commence business activities later than 11:00 PM daily. Commercial lots greater than 300 feet from a residential use may be exempt from this requirement, unless required by a Board of County Commission (BCC) condition. When applicable, always refer to the resolutions for specific regulations. Measurement shall be taken by drawing a straight line from the closest point on the perimeter of the exterior wall, structure or bay housing the non-residential use.

  • Can I have a business in my home?

    ​Yes, as long as the customers/clients do not come to the home and no transactions are conducted at the home. A home occupation shall be conducted by the occupant or by a family member residing in the home. A maximum of one person who is not a member of the immediate family may assist in the operation of the home occupations at the residence.  Office space (such as: desk, phone, fax, computer, files) in the home must be an accessory use pursuant to Article.4.B.1.A.70, Home Occupation
     All applicants requesting a Home Occupation can go to the PBC Tax Collector's Office to apply for their Business Tax Receipt.

  • Can I have an electronic message sign?

    An electronic sign is permitted ONLY in non-residential Zoning Districts, pursuant to ULDC Article 8.G.3.B.

  • Can I sell chickens and eggs from my property?

    Pursuant to ULDC Art. 5.B.1.A.20, Livestock, domesticated livestock shall be allowed accessory to a single family residential use, located in the Rural and Exurban Tiers and not within a PUD however sales are prohibited.

  • Does the Unified Land Development Code (ULDC) address Animal Shelters?

    ​Yes, see Type IV Kennel (Animal Shelter) in Article 4.B, Supplementary Use Standards of the ULDC.

  • How can I determine if there are any limitations or other restrictions regarding signage for a parcel?

    ​Use Property Information under Zoning Web Page/ezInfo to determine if there are approved plans and/or Zoning Resolutions approved for the parcel that may list any limitations associated with the approval.

  • How does a property's Zoning District differ from its Future Land Use (FLU) designation?

    ​The FLU institutes framework for growth management and land planning in unincorporated Palm Beach County. A Zoning District controls the use of the land within the jurisdiction through Property Development Regulations such as setbacks, landscaping, parking, etc.

  • How many Handicap parking spaces are required?

    The provisions of parking spaces and passenger loading areas for persons who have disabilities are governed by Florida State Statutes, FS 316.1955, .1957 and FS 553.5041. The Building Division reviews this requirement, and generally requires 1 space for every 25 required spaces be dedicated for people with disabilities.

  • I want to construct a new home and live on my property in a Mobile Home during the construction of the permanent residence. Is this allowed?

    Pursuant to Article 4.B.85, Supplementary Use Standards of the Unified Land Development Code, a mobile home may be allowed for up to two years while actively constructing a home on a property in Agricultural Residential Zoning District with a Rural Residential Future Land Use designation. You must obtain a building permit for the construction of a single family dwelling first.

  • Is my property in the County or in the City?

    ​Properties under County jurisdiction have a PCN that begins with 00. If the beginning of the PCN is a two-digit number other than 00, then the property is under the jurisdiction of a municipality. Call the Property Appraisers office at 561-355-2881 to determine in which municipality the property is located.

  • What are the differences in the types of Vendor's Business Tax Receipts?

    A roadside vendor is located within the County right-of-way. Applicants must obtain a permit from the Department of Engineering and a Business Tax Receipt from PBC Tax Collector.

    A mobile vendor who is located on private property and has the permission of the property owner may sell food or flower products, and requires a Special Permit from the Zoning Division, if located in unincorporated Palm Beach County and a Business Tax Receipt from PBC Tax Collector.

    For those vendors that are located in a PBC park, an approval must be obtained by the PBC Parks and Recreation Department.

  • What determines whether a use is considered Bona Fide Agricultural?

    ​The determination as to whether or not a use is considered Bona Fide Agricultural shall be pursuant to FS 823.14, Florida Right to Farm Act.

  • What is the zoning of the property?

    Go to http://discover.pbcgov.org/pzb/zoning. Under Interactive Information System Requirements, select ezInfo. From this screen, select Property Information and type in the owner, address or PCN and click on Search. Then click on Land Use to see the Land Use Summary.