Special Needs Sheltering

Palm Beach County has established a Special Needs Program to provide for citizens with certain medical problems during a major emergency. The Special Needs Shelter is a facility with physicians and nurses on staff.  It has auxiliary electrical power, is wind resistant, and not flood-prone. The shelter is not a medical facility and provides limited services. The shelter does not provide medication, dialysis, oxygen or oxygen concentrators.

Emergency Management is responsible for maintaining the client rosters, operational logistics, and coordination of the Special Needs Shelters. Space at these shelters is limited.  Prioritization is based on need.


Or download, print and complete the application, and mail it to:

Special Needs Coordinator
20 South Military Trail
West Palm Beach, FL 33415


​Special Needs Shelter Criteria

  • Persons who cannot be without electricity because they depend upon their own electrically energized life support equipment within the home (i.e. oxygen, nebulizers, c-pap, bi-pap, etc).
  • Persons that are too immobile and/or have a chronic stable illness, but are not suitable for regular shelter placement, or do not require hospitalization.
  • People with minor health/medical conditions that require professional observation, assessment, and maintenance.
  • People with the need for medications and/or vital sign monitoring, and are unable to do so without professional assistance.
  • Persons who are bedridden and require custodial care. Caregivers must accompany their patients.