In accordance with Florida Law, Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners makes its public records accessible and available for personal inspection and/or copying by any person who makes a public records request. You can also request DVDs of the public meetings or local programs seen on the county government channel, PBC TV Channel 20.

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The Public Affairs Department can help you receive documents as quickly and easily as possible.  Follow the steps below to find the fastest way to receive records.

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Certificates – birth/death Palm Beach County Health Department:
Click here
Court records
adoptions, affidavit, criminal records, deeds, judgments, lawsuits, marriage, minutes/video of county government meetings, plats, probate, traffic court, wills, etc.
Clerk & Comptroller Palm Beach County:
Criminal/correctional facility records Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office:
DVDs of county government meetings PBC TV Channel 20:
Online DVD Request Form
Human Resources
Requests for personnel records, verifications of employment, salary verification, etc.

Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners:
Permits, surveys, code documents
building, excavation, land use, proposed projects, etc.

Planning, Zoning & Building Department:
Email: or
Property records
assessed value of property, taxes paid
Palm Beach County Property Appraiser:
School district School District of Palm Beach County:
State attorney State Attorney's Office:
Tax information
Valorem, non-ad valorem
Palm Beach County Tax Collector:
Web: Click Here

Helpful Telephone Numbers/Links

15th Judicial Circuit of Florida 561-355-2431
Clerk and Comptroller 561-355-2996
Health Department Palm Beach County 561-840-4500
Planning, Zoning & Building 561-233-5160 (records)
Public Defender 561-355-7651
School District of Palm Beach County 561-357-7663
Sheriff's Office 561-688-3140 (central records)
State Attorney 561-355-7247
Supervisors of Elections 561-656-6200
Property Appraiser 561-355-2881
Tax Collector 561-355-2264

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County policy on public records requests and fees (PPM/CW-F-002)
Florida Statutes Public Records Chapter 119

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 Board of County Commissioners

Public Records Requests

​To make public records requests for Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioner's departments, please contact:

Nicole Ferris
Public Affairs Department
301 N. Olive Avenue
West Palm Beach, FL  33401
Fax:  561-355-3819