Mission Statement

Complete development projects and undertake operations which meet the highest quality test in both the short and long term. Define quality as cost effectiveness and operational appropriateness when measured by the public, the user, and the community. To use each individual's experience and knowledge to create high performance teams. To know, and have recognized by others, that the pursuit and achievement of this Department's goal is critical to the users achieving their goals. 

What Do We Do?

Facilities Development & Operation's (FD&O's) responsibilities are varied and include siting and land acquisition, designing, constructing, managing, and providing audio visual, radio and security services to 707 County facilities and its fleet of 3000 vehicles and equipment for the Board of County Commissioners and its departments, Constitutional Officers, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office and the 15th Judicial Circuit Court.

Our Department of 410 employees use a customer driven, team approach to perform "the behind the scenes work" which allows the operating departments to provide high quality public services. The employees of this Department are of some of the most talented, dedicated and uniquely qualified in their areas of expertise. We are especially proud of the number of municipalities, state and federal agencies that choose Facilities Development & Operations to be their service provider.

Responsibilities includes:

  • Prepare specifications and design plans for capital projects;
  • Administer capital project construction activity;
  • Administer bids and other procurement related activities;
  • Rehabilitate and renovate County facilities;
  • Perform space planning studies;
  • Act as County's agent for all zoning, land use, and project development specifications;
  • Conduct technical and user needs assessments and develop project specifications;
  • Manage custodial services in designated buildings;
  • Provide security services;
  • Manage parking facilities;
  • Perform preventive and corrective maintenance on County facilities, equipment, and vehicles;
  • Write specifications, acquire, assign, fund, and dispose of equipment/vehicles;
  • Manage County fueling sites; Acquire property and dispose of surplus properties;
  • Administer leases for County leased facilities;
  • Coordinate civic site acquisitions and use; and 
  • Respond to public inquires regarding County property. 


 Contact Us

​Audrey Wolf
 Facilities Development & Operations Director

 2633 Vista Parkway
West Palm Beach, FL  33411
Phone:  561-233-0200
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 Public Records Request

To make public records requests FACILITIES DEVELOPMENT & OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT of Palm Beach County, please contact:

​Mark Broderick
 Business and Community Agreements Manager 
Facilities Development & Operations Department    

2633 Vista Parkway
West Palm Beach, FL 33411
Email: here
Phone: 561-233-5252

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