• BCC Briefs for October 22, 2019

    At the October 22, 2019, Board of County Commissioners meeting, the board took the following action:
    Jerome Golden Center – received an update from Ann Berner, Chief Executive of the Southeast Behavioral Network, and partners, on the status of the closing of Jerome Golden Center for Behavioral Health. The Jerome Golden Center was abruptly closed leaving other agencies to care for its many patients. County staff was directed to meet with the Health Care District of Palm Beach County and others in an effort to ensure the continued care of residents receiving treatment from the now closed center.
    Beach park – directed staff to execute a letter requesting a 5-year extension for development of the Cam D, Milani Park in Highland Beach. Staff was directed to come back to the board with a plan to include the park in the 5-year Capital Improvements Plan and the inclusion’s effect on other projects countywide.
    Convention Center hotel – directed staff to continue with a planned study on the number of hotel rooms required to support the existing Convention Center and future expansion, parking spaces required for the Convention Center, existing hotel and additional rooms to be constructed, and the level of financial assistance required to support development of additional hotel rooms and other related items. The board plans to discuss the topic at a workshop after the study is completed.
    PREM – adopted an ordinance repealing and replacing the Real Property Acquisition, Disposition and Leasing Ordinance, commonly known as PREM, to allow for workforce housing units under the guidelines of the Workforce Housing Program to be sold directly to qualified buyers without a competitive process, without an additional appraisal beyond that obtained by the county in connection with acquiring the unit, and without review by the Property Review Committee (PRC). Acquisitions involving eminent domain and/or inverse condemnation will be exempt from PRC review.
    Neighborhood grants - approved project agreements to implement various community improvement projects and initiatives through the Office of Community Revitalization’s Neighborhood Engagement and Transformation (NEAT) Grants Program for a total of $150,000.
    Sidewalks – approved the Fiscal Year 2020 sidewalk program. This will allow construction of several proposed projects that have been compiled in response to requests from the Palm Beach County School District, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, the Board of County Commissioners, and residents of Palm Beach County. The proposed projects include 14 new construction projects and 11 major maintenance projects.
    Artificial reef – approved an agreement transferring funds to reimburse the county for the placement of 645 tons of limestone boulders at the Palm Beach Mid-Depth Artificial Reef Site. The dollars were transferred from the Saltwater Vessel Registration Fee Trust Fund.
    Water Utilities – adopted an amendment to the Liens of Assessment section of the Potable Water, Wastewater, and Reclaimed Water Special Assessment Ordinance. The amendment allows for assessing payments beyond the original 20-year term.
    MSTU – adopted an amendment to the Priority of Lien, Interest, and Method of Payment of Special Assessments section of the Municipal Service Taxing Unit (MSTU) Special Assessment Ordinance. The amendment allows for assessing payments beyond the original 20-year term.
    Airport noise - In an effort to address community concerns with the noise impacts of aircraft overflights, particularly helicopters, the board approved a budget amendment of $709,056 in the Airport’s Improvement and Development Fund and approved a contract with Harris Miller Miller & Hanson, Inc. for the preparation of a Noise Compatibility Study at Palm Beach County Park Airport in Lantana.
    Bond refinance – adopted a resolution to refinance certain Public Improvement Revenue Refunding Bonds and Taxable Public Improvement Revenue Bonds after the determination that these bonds can be refunded for savings. Based on current market conditions, the estimated savings on the Public Improvement Revenue Refunding Bonds is 10.27% and the estimated savings on the Taxable Public Improvement Bonds is 13.73%.