• BCC Briefs for September 10, 2019

    At the September 10, 2019, Board of County Commissioners meeting, the board took the following action:
    Moment of silence – observed a moment of silence for everyone impacted by Hurricane Dorian.
    Palm Tran – approved an amendment to Palm Tran’s Fare Technology Interoperability grant application with the Federal Transit Administration increasing the requested amount by $1.505 million. The total requested grant amount for this project is $8.007 million. No county funds are required.
    PACE – received and filed two executed Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) indemnification agreements received during the months of June and July between Greenworks Lending and Palm Beach County, and between Energy Efficiency Equity and Palm Beach County. Staff was directed to prepare a BCC workshop presentation to reassess the PACE program. The county administrator was directed not to execute any new PACE indemnification agreements, pending the workshop; such agreements must be brought to the board.
    Community Services – The Community Services Department is facing a budget deficit of $1.675 million due to the Area Agency on Aging being unable to meet its contractual financial obligations for four contracted programs. The board terminated its Financially Assisted Agencies contract with the Area Agency on Aging as of September 30, 2019; authorized the continuation of supportive services to elderly residents by the Division of Senior Services (DOSS) utilizing state and federal funding and county matching funds; and authorized staff to pursue outstanding balances owed to the county for DOSS services rendered in FY 2019.
    Passports – approved an application by the Palm Beach County Main Library to the U.S. Department of State Passport Services to participate in the Passport Application Acceptance program.
    Library fees – approved the elimination of overdue fines for library card members. Other changes to the library fee policy include raising the block limit of accrued fees from $5 to $25. The policy changes take effect October 1.
    Health Facilities Authority – adopted a resolution authorizing the issuance of up to $400 million in revenue bonds by the Palm Beach County Health Facilities Authority, including an amount not to exceed $343 million with respect to capital facilities of Baptist Health South Florida, Inc. and its affiliates located in Palm Beach County. No county funds, its taxing power, faith or credit is involved.
    Village of Valor – approved the issuance of Housing Finance Authority of Palm Beach County multifamily housing revenue bonds for Village of Valor, a 161-unit multifamily rental housing facility located on 2nd Avenue North in Lake Worth/Palm Springs. No county funds, its taxing power, faith or credit is involved.
    Project League – conceptually approved a cash incentive of $21,000 over six years for Project League, which is considering establishing its national headquarters in Palm Beach County. The company will invest $1.35 million to lease, renovate and equip a 12,500-square-foot facility and create 30 new jobs over a three-year period at an annualized average wage of $95,550 and an annualized median wage of $80,000. The estimated five-year local economic impact is $55.6 million.
    Silverwood Estates – approved 1) the contract for sale and purchase form for use in conjunction with the sale of six affordable/workforce housing units acquired by the county from Lennar Homes in the Silverwood Estates development, 2) acceptance of deposits and sales proceeds from homebuyers, and 3) delegation of authority to the county administrator or designee to execute all documents related to the sale of these workforce housing units. Proceeds from unit sales will be returned to the Workforce Housing Trust Funds.
    Brownfield – approved advertising of public hearings on October 22 and November 19 at 9:30 a.m. -- and approved by a majority vote plus one a waiver of the statutory requirement that one of the two public hearings be held after 5 p.m. -- to consider Brownfield area designations for several parcels located on SW 65th Avenue in the Boca Dunes development. No county funds for implementation are required.
    Ocean Ridge – approved a temporary easement for construction access and staging with the city of Boynton Beach for the Ocean Ridge Shore Protection Project.
    PBIA – approved an exemption from general aviation landing fees and fuel flowage fees at Palm Beach International Airport for hurricane relief flights to The Bahamas, retroactive to September 4.
    Fire Rescue – adopted a resolution authorizing participation in the Public Emergency Medical Transportation (PEMT) supplemental payment program for Medicaid managed care patients and approved a budget transfer of $400,000 within the Fire/Rescue MSTU Fund in FY 2020 to fund intergovernmental transfer(s) required for the PEMT supplemental payment program.
    Legislative Affairs – discussed and approved the proposed Palm Beach County legislative agenda to be lobbied at the 2020 Florida Legislative Session in Tallahassee. Staff was directed to research requiring background checks for persons who do home deliveries of appliances, furniture and other household goods and report back to the board.
    Retirement – recognized and thanked retiring Chief Assistant County Attorney Lenny Berger for his 26 years of dedicated service to Palm Beach County.