County Commissioner Paulette Burdick is proud of being a citizen-politician. Her first run for office was in 1994 to the Palm Beach County School Board because of her concern for our public schools. She served for 16 years and is past-president of the South Florida Consortium of School Boards. Paulette was recognized by the League of Cities in 2004 as School Board Member of the Year.  In 2007, the American Jewish Congress named her its Civic Leader of the Year. In November 2010, Paulette was elected to the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners from District 2.

A fiscal watchdog, Commissioner Burdick has been directly involved with finance including all facets of countywide budgets, construction, the bidding process and collective bargaining agreements, as well as having positive relations with state and federal officials and agencies.  She has always taken a hands-on approach.

In 2013, Commissioner Burdick was one of only 30 county commissioners in Florida to earn the Advanced County Commissioner certification sponsored by the University of Florida.

Commissioner Burdick has served on numerous countywide boards including:

  • Audit and Finance Committee, PBC School District
  • Business Development Board
  • Children’s Services Council
  • Community Alliance
  • County Coalition for Responsible Management of Lake Okeechobee and the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee Estuaries and Lake Worth Lagoon
  • Criminal Justice Commission
  • Homeless Advisory Board
  • Juvenile Justice Board
  • Lake Worth Lagoon Initiative
  • Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency (TPA)
  • Palm Beach County Cultural Council
  • Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council

In addition to personally examining each issue before her thoroughly, Paulette establishes “kitchen cabinets,” calling on business and professional experts in the community to direct their expertise toward solving problems and initiating innovations. Commissioner Burdick also advocates for a Community of Wellness which provides tools and information in the battle against obesity, diabetes and heart trouble. The program emphasizes the importance of increasing physical exercise while changing destructive patterns of eating. 

She is dedicated to efficient and effective government to improve the lives of all our citizens and firmly believes that together we can build a brighter future for everyone.

Paulette Burdick is a graduate of Northeastern University. She is married to Gregory Burdick, Esq. Their son, Jasun, is currently teaching physics and math in Leon County. Jasun and his wife Wendy have a three-year old daughter.  In her free time, Commissioner Burdick enjoys spending time with her granddaughter Jazmin and the outdoors, particularly kayaking and gardening. She also volunteers with the homeless at The Lord's Place in West Palm Beach.

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