Palm Beach County Commissioners Commissioner Dave Kerner | District 3 Commissioner Mary Lou Berger | District 5 Commissioner Hal R. Valeche | District 1 Mayor Paulette Burdick | District 2 Commissioner Steven L. Abrams | District 4 Mayor Melissa McKinlay​ | District 6 Commissioner Mack Bernard​ | District 7


The Board of County Commissioners serves as the legislative and policy-setting body for county government; enacts countywide laws and authorizes programs and all expenditures of county funds. They also act as the Child Care Facilities Board, the Solid Waste Authority Governing Board, the Environmental Control Board and the Zoning Board.

Seven commissioners are elected from single-member districts to staggered four-year terms to represent the entire county. The Board of County Commissioners generally meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month for public hearings and regular agenda items.

During the first meeting of the month, with the exception of January and August, citizens may offer comments on any issue or topic during Matters by the Public. Workshops are usually held on the fourth Tuesday of the month. All meetings are carried live on PBC-TV Channel 20 on this Web site.


Verdenia C. Baker, PBC Administrator The county administrator has executive powers to implement the policies and procedures set forth by the Board of County Commissioners. The county administrator manages an annual budget of nearly $4 billion and oversees approximately 6,000 employees in more than 30 departments, divisions and offices. Together, they must work in concert to provide quality services, programs and information to the residents of Palm Beach County.

Supervising the day-to-day workings of one of the geographically largest counties in the nation is extremely challenging. That duty has been entrusted to Verdenia C. Baker.