• BCC Briefs for January 10, 2017

    ​At the January 10, 2017, Board of County Commissioners meeting, the board took the following action:

    Affirmative Action – approved the 2016-2017 Affirmative Action Plan. This is a voluntary effort to correct under-representation in the county workforce. Implementation focuses on methods and procedures for achieving targeted work unit goals, enhancing special recruitment efforts, and continuing to develop systems to correct under-representation. There is no fiscal impact to the county.

    artificial reef – approved a contract in the amount of $1 million with CRB Geological and Environmental Services for the sinking of the retired U.S. Navy submarine USS Clamagore to create an artificial reef offshore of Jupiter/Juno Beach. The funding, from the Vessel Registration Fee Trust Fund, represents 25 percent of the estimated $4 million needed to purchase, prep and safely sink the 320-foot sub. The contract will be voided if the remaining $3 million is not raised by private sources.

    Hurricane Matthew – approved a federally funded public assistance state agreement to cover the cost of emergency preparations associated with Hurricane Matthew. Palm Beach is one of 15 Florida counties that qualified for FEMA aid under the president's major disaster declaration in October.

    affordable housing – approved revised guidelines for the Impact Fee Affordable Housing Assistance Program (IFAHAP). Changes include raising the occupant household qualifying income level to 140 percent of area median income, instituting repayment requirements for developers and homeowners in cases of default or voluntary withdrawal from the program, requiring new affordability periods for successor homeowners, and removing the Commission on Affordable Housing from the funding recommendation process.

    youth homelessness – authorized the Division of Human Services (DHS) to apply for federal funding to develop and execute a coordinated community approach to preventing and ending youth homelessness over a two-year period. Under Phase 1 of the application process, DHA is requesting $300,000 for development of a Youth Needs Assessment Plan. Funding would include stipends for youths who assist in the collection of data. A $75,000 local match is required. DHA will apply for Phase 2 funding only if Phase 1 funding is granted.

    lifeguards – did not ratify (tie vote) a side agreement for ocean lifeguards and lieutenants, adjusting salaries and/or job classifications and approving special risk class membership in the FRS pension program. The side agreement was collectively bargained with the Communications Workers of America Local 3181 and ratified by the bargaining unit employees.

    golf – approved an amendment to the contract with Robling Architecture Construction, Inc. in the amount of $406,252 for the temporary golf learning center project at Osprey Point Golf Course in Boca Raton establishing a guaranteed maximum price. The amendment authorizes procurement of a modular building and installation of water, sewer, and electrical infrastructure for the public restroom.

    School Choice – approved a revised proclamation declaring February 22-28, 2017, as Palm Beach County School Choice Week in Palm Beach County.