• BCC Briefs for May 7, 2019

    ​At the May 7, 2019, Board of County Commissioners meeting, the board took the following action:

    CAFR – received a very positive Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) from the Clerk & Comptroller's Office for the fiscal year ended September 30, 2018. As of that date, the fund balance for the general fund, including constitutional officers, was $244.8 million, an increase of $39.1 million from the previous year. During the year, the county's total net position increased by $149 million, compared to an increase of $91 million during the previous fiscal year. Business-type activities increased by $73 million, and governmental activities increased by $76 million. The county continues to maintain AAA general obligation bond ratings from the three major rating agencies: Moody's, Fitch Group, and Standard & Poor's. The county's revenue bond rating was also upgraded to AAA by Standard & Poor's.

    Carrier Corp. – approved ad valorem tax exemption ordinances for Carrier Corp., a division of United Technologies Corp. The company filed applications with the Property Appraiser's Office for tax exemptions in the amount of $650,000 (Project Knight) over a six-year period and $3 million (Project Diamond) over a 10-year period. The projects will have five-year estimated economic impacts of $248 million and $662 million, respectively. The Property Appraiser's Office has determined that both projects meet ad valorem tax exemption requirements and are presented to the BCC as required by state statute.

    PBAU – adopted a resolution authorizing the issuance of revenue bonds in an amount not to exceed $45 million to Provident Group – PBAU Properties, LLC to finance the design, development, construction, equipping and furnishing of an eight-story student housing dormitory at Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBAU). No county funds, nor its taxing power, faith or credit is involved.

    Renaissance Charter School – adopted a resolution authorizing the Capital Trust Agency to issue up to $92.5 million in education facilities revenue bonds for Renaissance Charter School, Inc. for the acquisition and development of four facilities in Florida; two are in Palm Beach County. No county funds, taxing power, faith or credit is involved.

    Project Captain Jack – conceptually approved a cash grant of $35,000 over seven years, to be matched by the city of West Palm Beach, for Project Captain Jack. The company is considering expanding in Palm Beach County. The project will invest $1.85 million to lease, make renovations to, and equip a 20,000-square-foot facility. The project will create 50 new jobs over a four-year period at an annualized average wage of $105,490 and an annualized median wage of $120,000. The project will also retain 77 existing jobs. The estimated five-year local economic impact is $43.4 million.

    E-Z Weld – approved an inducement resolution to allow the E-Z Weld Group LLC to use bond proceeds to reimburse itself for out-of-pocket down payments made on machinery and equipment necessary for the company's product expansion. The company is applying for tax-exempt private activity bonds, a form of industrial development revenue issued by Palm Beach County, in an amount not to exceed $3.5 million. No county funds, taxing power, faith or credit is involved.

    Collage Design – accepted a special master's recommendation denying the protest of Collage Design & Construction Group, Inc. concerning the solicitation for construction manager at risk services for the Canyon District Park project.

    Equal Opportunity – approved on preliminary reading and to advertise for public hearing on July 2 a series of amendments to the Housing and Places of Public Accommodation Ordinance. They include updating definitions and providing consistency regarding the time limit for complainants to request administrative hearings and providing for input from the director of the Office of Equal Opportunity regarding the filing of a civil action.

    Needle exchange – directed staff to initiate a needle exchange program following passage of the Infectious Disease Elimination Programs bill during the legislative session. Modeled after the IDEA Exchange in Miami-Dade County, Florida counties are now authorized to implement programs that swap clean syringes for dirty ones. Needle exchanges have been shown to reduce the spread of blood-borne infections such as HIV and hepatitis C, among intravenous drug users.

    Roads – approved on preliminary reading and to advertise for public hearing on June 18 mid-year modifications to the county's Five-Year Road Program.

    Right of way permitting – approved on preliminary reading and to advertise for public hearing on June 18 an ordinance repealing and replacing the existing ordinance that governs permitting of facilities placed in the county's right of way. It will also govern the placement of small and micro wireless facilities relating to 5G wireless deployment.

    Telecommunication registration – approved on preliminary reading and to advertise for public hearing on June 18 an ordinance repealing and replacing the existing ordinance that governs the requirements for telecommunication companies to register with the county prior to applying for approval to install facilities within the county's right of way.

    Library fines – approved a fine forgiveness program for the Library System for the month of June. Library cardholders may request forgiveness on outstanding overdue fines that have been assessed to their account. This program is intended to restore borrowing privileges to blocked members. Forgiveness will not extend to fees for lost or damaged library materials and other fees and charges.
    Water main – adopted a resolution confirming a special assessment for a water main extension to serve five residential properties on Pine Ridge Lane and approved a work order to Johnson-Davis Inc. in the amount of $84,958. Total assessable cost of the project is $126,063.

    Lincoln Park – approved utility and drainage easements in favor of the city of West Palm Beach at no charge to facilitate installation of a sewer line and storm water outflow at Lincoln Park, located adjacent to Ballpark of the Palm Beaches.

    St. Joseph's School – adopted a resolution abandoning any public interest in certain tracts and easements within the St. Joseph's School plat to allow Boynton Beach Associates XXV, LLLP to record a conservation easement in favor of Palm Beach County over the abandonment site, located north of Boynton Beach Boulevard and west of Acme Dairy Road.

    Flavor Pict Road – adopted a resolution abandoning any public interest in a right of way known as a portion of Flavor Pict Road and several other easements in the plat of Delray Holdings 282 to eliminate the public dedications that are in conflict with future redevelopment plans by Boynton Beach Associates XXVI, LLLP. The abandonment sites are located east of State Road 7, just north of 130th Street South.