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  • Valentine Bouquet Flower Care

    Everyone loves receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Flowers that hold up well in water include the obvious rose, other cut flowers not so evident that do well too are gerberas, salvias, bird of paradise, zinnia and gaillardia....

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  • University of Florida Gardening Tips

    ​Cool season flowering annuals that can be planted this month include begonia, browallia, lobelia, dianthus, dusty miller, and nicotiana. Winter is a great time to plant bulbs that will bloom this spring. Spring flowering bulbs to try are clivia, crinum lily, and agapanthus. ...

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  • Support Mounts Garden-Unique Locally Grown Botanical Garden Plants Available

    ​The Mounts Botanical Garden offers exceptional plants propagated from the garden. Master Gardener volunteers assist in growing an array of native and exotic plants which are for sale in support of the garden. The Mounts Botanical Garden 'Guild' nursery conducts a plant sale each Monday and Thursd...

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  • 20 Master Gardener Volunteers Complete Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension Training Program

    ​Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension engages people in learning to use unbiased, University of Florida research-based horticulture and gardening practices through a network of trained Master Gardener volunteers. Master Gardener volunteers are coordinated and supported by University of Florida...

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  • Plant a Palm

    Palms provide that tropical look to the landscape while adding to your property value. Most palms are well adapted to our soils and require minimum care to establish and maintain. Factors to consider when selecting a palm include eventual mature size, single or multi trunked and feather or fan shap...

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  • Loblolly Bay - A Florida Native Tree

    Residents are planting more native trees, shrubs and ground covers into their home landscape. Florida native plants can withstand the stresses of South Florida temperatures, rainfall, insects and diseases. The right native plant, planted into the right location often require less maintenance than ...

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  • "Before You Tie The Knot" Marriage Preparation Class

    Before You Tie the Knot (BYTK) is a research-based premarital education program designed to offer constructive guidance to couples as they begin their lives as a married couple. The program aims to help couples understand that it takes both partners working together to make a marriage successful. T...

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  • Chocolate - The Cocoa Tree

    Our ever increasing warm tropical climate is helping gardeners to grow Cocoa, the chocolate bean tree. Cocoa-(Theobroma cacao) is an ancient crop, grown and harvested for thousands of years by native Central and South Americans. Cocoa trees can grow up to 25 ft and must be planted into a partially ...

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