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    ​Sign up now for all-new Sustainable Gardening II Classes!

    Discover how to care for your landscape sustainably in this all-new workshop series. Take just one class, or sign up for all five and earn a signed certificate. Workshops are open to all green and non-green thumbs; Sustainable Gardening I classes are not a pre-requisite. ...

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    Garden Talks Series

    green worm on leafA free lecture on Pest Management in the Homeowner's Garden is being offered as part of the 3rd installment of the Garden Talks Series hosted by the Acreage Branch Library. ...

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    Shade the House to Conserve Energy

    ​A canopy tree can provide excellent cooling for your house. ...

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    Start Your Veggie Garden this Month

    ​This is the month to begin to plant warm season vegetables. Vegetable gardening allows you to experience the fresh air, sunshine, nature, and of course, a super healthy supply of fresh veggies. ...

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    National Severe Weather Week - Fires and Extreme Temperatures

    When the heat index reaches higher than 105 degrees F, conditions can become dangerous for both people and animals... ...

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    National Severe Weather Week - Rip Currents

    Rip currents have accounted for more than 300 drownings along Florida's Gulf and Atlantic beaches since 1995. ...

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    National Severe Weather Week - Tornadoes

    Florida has the greatest number of thunderstorms in the United States, averaging 70 - 100 thunderstorm days per year. Thunderstorms generate such hazards as lightning, hail, gusty winds, possible tornadoes. ...

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    National Weather Service Week - Hurricanes & Flooding

    ​Thursday's Severe Weather Week post is being devoted to Hurricanes and Flooding. Some 110 hurricanes and nearly 200 tropical storms have impacted Florida since 1851 with many more cited in history books before official records were even kept. ...

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    January 22-26 is Florida's National Severe Weather Week

    Severe Weather Awareness Week is an opportunity for Floridians to learn about the various weather hazards that frequently impact the state and how families and businesses can prepare for these natural events. ...

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