Hurricanes are a big concern to property and homeowners in Palm Beach County. Damage caused by hurricanes can be devastating. Protecting your investment takes planning and should be completed long before a hurricane threatens.

Buildings can be damaged or destroyed by high winds, rain, and flooding caused by hurricanes. There is also the added danger of wind-borne debris, which can break windows and damage roof coverings and walls, allowing high winds inside a building. Once the wind gets inside, powerful uplift forces can literally lift the roof right off a building.

The time to prepare your buildings is before there is threat of a hurricane. To protect buildings from hurricane damage, it is important to strengthen weaknesses in your roof, windows, doors, and garage door if your home is not built to existing codes. The information provided within the Planning, Zoning and Building Department's web site will give you ideas to help with your preparation and to determine if retrofitting your home is necessary.


Saffir-Simpson Scale
Wind Speed
74 to 95 mph
96 to 110 mph
111 to 129 mph
130 to 156 mph
157+ mph