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If You Have Been Sexually Assaulted
We are here to help!



If you are in danger call 911

Know what happened is NOT your fault.

What to Do...

  • Get to a safe location, away from the perpetrator.
  • Preserve all evidence:
    • Do not clean/straighten up or remove anything.
    • Do not bathe, douche, eat or drink, wash your hands, go to the bathroom or brush your teeth.
    • Do not change or destroy your clothing.
  • Seek medical care as soon as possible.

Sexual Assault Victim
As a Sexual Assault Victim

You have the right to:
  • Be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Report or not report to Law Enforcement.
  • Have an advocate present with you for all proceedings.
  • Have a free forensic exam collected up to 120 hours after the assault.
  • Have forensic evidence collected without making report to Law Enforcement.
  • Have your evidence kit collected during a law enforcement investigation,
    submitted within 30 days and tested within 120 days.

After a sexual assault

You may feel:
  • Confused, scared, unsure what to do. You may feel as if you have lost control.
  • Concerned about what will happen if you contact law enforcement and/or go to the hospital.
You may or may not want to:
  • Report to Law Enforcement.
  • Seek medical attention or a forensic exam.
  • Talk with someone.

Palm Beach County Victim Service’s is here to assist you, respecting whatever choices you make!

You have options. The choice is yours.

You decide what is best for you. We are here to help.

Palm Beach County Victim Services & Certified Rape Crisis Center 24/7/Helpline




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