​Program Description

The Forensic Psychology Services Office provides psychological assessments/evaluations as ordered by the courts of the 15th Judicial Circuit.

Services Provided

Seniors, adults, teens, and children are referred for assessment/evaluation by the Court. All referrals to the Forensic Psychology Office for evaluation must be accompanied with an appropriate order from the court directing said assessment/evaluation.

There are 4 standard orders utilized by the office which can be downloaded here for pro se litigants and attorneys:

  1. Order for Psychological Testing of Juvenile (Delinquency or Dependency)
  2. Order Granting Examination of Juvenile Defendant's Competency
  3. Order Granting Examination of Juvenile Defendant's Competency with Evaluation for Intellectual Disability
  4. Order Granting Examination of Adult Defendant's Competency

Individuals ordered by the court to the Forensic Psychology Services Office for assessment/evaluation should contact the office at (561) 355-2108 as soon as possible after receiving the court's order to schedule an appointment for the assessment/evaluation.

Court orders for Court Psychology should be emailed/filed to

Cost of Services

All costs associated with the court's ordered assessment/evaluation are determined by the presiding judge and taxed accordingly.

Services are provided at the following annexes:

Related Administrative Orders

 Administrative Order 2.601

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

 Contact Us

Program Manager/Director:
Nicole Bishop
Main Judicial Complex, North County, South County, and West County
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