​The Need:

Support, advocacy, and resources for those engaging with PBCFR as part of a 911 call.

The Mission:

To provide a professional healthcare provider volunteer team (CARES) that offers emotional first aid on the scene of high acuity 911 calls and fall intervention on the scene of 911 calls related to falls without injures.

The Team:

Highly trained healthcare professional volunteers including nurses, social workers, therapists, and paramedics, and EMT's.

The Model:

Comfort: Provide emotional first aid on the scene of high acuity EMS calls in the jurisdiction of Palm Beach County Fire Rescue to support individuals, families, bystanders, and responders.

Assistance: Provide advocacy, information, education, and support during a 911 interaction involving CARES.

Resources: Empower those served by CARES to meet an immediate need through resource connection to agencies, organizations, physicians and healthcare professionals, and community partners.

Empathy: Serving others with empathy, non-judgment, and compassion.

The Goal:

Safety Net: To be a safety net of crisis support and social services to meet the unique needs of all those served by Palm Beach County Fire Rescue.