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Hispanic Heritage Month ~ September/October 2020


Hispanic Heritage Signed: Spanish

Hispanic Heritage Signed: English


 Spotlight on Certified Hispanic Businesses

Company Name Address​​
Email Address Services
A & D Valentin Home Renovations, Inc. 3900 HAVERHILL Rd 220572, West Palm Beach FL 33417 561-880-8074
dee@valentinbuilders.com Kitchen and Bathroom Fixture Repair, Painting, Maintenance and Repair Services, Plumbing Maintenance and Repair
A-1 Balers & Compactors, LLC 13476 Orange Blvd, West Palm Beach FL 33412 561-792-3350 a1balers@msn.com Hydraulics, Welding Services, Agricultural, Heavy Industrial and Similar, Machinery and Heavy Hardware Maintenanc
Alfonso Hernandez Architect, LLC 224 Datura St Ste 1008, West Palm Beach FL 33401 561-766-1254 Alfonso@aharchitectonline.com Architectural Services, Professional, Interior Design, Space Planning, and Exhibits/Displays
All American Waste Management, LLC 16419 106th Ter N, Jupiter FL 334786244 561-719-8435 john@allamericanwastebincleaning.com Waste Management Services, Cleaning Services, Steam and Pressure, Hauling Services, Mulch/Compost Production Services
All Gold Standard Janitorial Services, LLC 5201 Village Blvd, West Palm Beach FL 334077908 561-594-5040 luis@goldstandardjan.com Carpet Cleaning, Dyeing, Installation and Repair, Flooring Maintenance and Repair, Janitorial/Custodial Services
ALMAZAN CONSTRUCTION LLC 2771 Vista Pkwy Ste F6, West Palm Beach FL 334112736 561-812-3672 salmazan@almazanconstruction.com , Maintenance and Repair, Highway and Road Clearing and Grubbing Services, Construction, Demolition Services, Excavation Services, Hauling Services
ALPHA HYDRAULICS, LLC 999 W 17th St Ste 5, Riviera Beach FL 334045402 561-355-0318 service@alphahydraulicsllc.com Hydraulics, Welding Services, Agricultural, Heavy Industrial, Hand Tools, Powered, All Kinds, Maintenance and Repair
AM Construction Group, Inc. 12689 164th Ct, Jupiter FL 33478 561-262-7874 amconstruction@bellsouth.net Public Utilities: Water, Sewer and Gas Maintenance and Repair, Maintenance and Repair, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Plumbing, Construction Management Services, Water and Wastewater Treatment Services
Anatom Construction Company 3125 Fortune Way Ste 13, Wellington FL 33414 561-221-0226 LRV@anatomconstruction.com Doors and Windows, Carpentry, Flooring, Insulation, Mold Remediation, Construction Management Services
ANI CON SERVICES, LLC 721 Aspen Rd, West Palm Beach FL 334096103 561-723-2401 aniconservices@gmail.com Septic Tank Maintenance and Repair Services, Sludge Removal, Construction, Sewer and Storm Drain, Plumbing
Antonio J. Grau, CPA, P.A. 2700 N Military Trl Ste 350, Boca Raton FL 33431 561-994-9299 tony@graucpa.com Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Services
AUM Construction Inc 311 W Indiantown Rd Ste 4, Jupiter FL 33458 561-475-2234 ho@auminc.us Maintenance and Repair, Street Lighting, Construction, Curb and Gutter, Construction, Utility/Underground Projects, Maintenance and Repair, Utility/Underground Projects, Electrical, Construction Management Services
Ayleen Trash Hauling Services LLC 5759 Mango Rd, West Palm Beach FL 334131866 561-615-2979 lmcy002@aol.com Hauling Services
Bader's Group, LLC 116 N Dixie Hwy, Lantana FL 33462-321 561-336-3891 gbader@badersgroup.com Air Conditioning and Heating, Building Construction, Home Construction, Single Family, Heating, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation Maintenance and Repair, Demolition Services, Construction Management Services
Batallan Enterprises, Inc. 1201 Roebuck Ct, West Palm Beach FL 334016925 561-644-4948 jasonbatallan@gmail.com Sod, Grass, Grounds Maintenance, Tree Trimming and Pruning Services
BDH Consulting Group, LLC 712 NE 8th Ave, Boynton Beach FL 334353208 561-452-2348 deris@bdhcg.com Strategic Planning and Consulting, Civil Engineering, Engineering Services, General Construction, Surveyor Services, Land
BG LAWN CARE SERVICES  LLC 809 NE 21st St Apt 1, Belle Glade FL 334302202 561-450-9652 guiruiz123@gmail.com Landscaping Consulting, Landscaping (Including Design, Fertilizing, Planting, etc.,), Grounds Maintenance: Mowing, Edging, Plant
Big Dog Express of South Florida, Inc 246 E Main St, Pahokee FL 334761808 561-924-9250 tuiwarehouse@yahoo.com Debris/Recycling Material Hauling Services
Binary Technologies, Inc. 8461 Lake Worth Rd Ste 411, Lake Worth FL 33467 954-242-0107 lromero@binarytech01.com Computer Software Consulting, Computer Network Consulting, Application, Infrastructure, Hosting and Cloud Computing, Programming Services
Caballero Fierman Llerena & Garcia, LLP 2255 Glades Rd Ste 324A, Boca Raton FL 334318571 305-680-5132 ellerena@cflgcpa.com Accounting/Auditing/Budget Consulting, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Services
Civil Design,  Inc. 1400 Centrepark Blvd Ste 905, West Palm Beach FL 33401 561-815-8997 dbas@civil-design.com Architect Services, Professional, General Construction - Architectural, Engineering Services, Civil Engineering
Contin Development Group 826 South Federal Hwy, Lake Worth FL 33460 561-249-4007 sai@continstudio.com Architect Services, Professional, Buildings - Architectural Design, Designing Services
CONTRACTORS SUPPORT SERVICES, INC. 12773 W Forest Hill Blvd Ste 207, Wellington FL 33414 561-602-8706 csservices@bellsouth.net Clearing and Grubbing Services, Construction, General (Backfill Services, Digging, Ditching), Excavation Services
CRL MEDIA LLC 301 Clematis St Ste 3000, West Palm Beach FL 33401 561-855-2144 info@crlmediaadvertising.com Advertising/Public Relations (Incl. Skywriting), Strategic Planning and Consulting, Social Media Management Services
Custom Cleaning and Management Services Corp 21 N Hepburn Ave Ste 24, Jupiter FL 33458 561-746-2700 ccservices_corp@MSN.com Janitorial/Custodial Services
Dammel Cleaning Enterprise, Inc. 1029 N Florida Mango Rd Ste 7, West Palm Beach FL 334094164 561-683-8868 MTP-BOCA@MSN.com Janitorial/Custodial Services
Designstogo, Inc. 4317 10th Ave N, Lake Worth FL 334612312 561-432-1313 cesar@designs2go.net Novelties and Advertising Specialty Products, Including Biod, BADGES, AWARDS, EMBLEMS, NAME TAGS AND PLATES, JEWELRY, Trophies, Plaques, Awards, Certificates, SIGNS, SIGN MATERIALS, SIGN MAKING EQUIPMENT
DIAZ + LANG ARCHITECTS.LLC 333 Camino Gardens Blvd, Boca Raton FL 334325824 561-750-5551 rlang@langarchitect.net Architect Services, Professional, Buildings - Architectural Design, General Construction - Architectural
Dream Maids Cleaning Services LLC 1560 Pebble Beach Ln, Greenacres FL 334133317 561-287-0358 dreammaidscleaningservices@gmail.com Site Clean-up, Post-Construction, Janitorial/Custodial Services, Cleaning, Interior/Exterior, New Construction
Dynamic Painting, Inc. 3333 Lago De Talavera, Lake Worth FL 33467 561-210-7509 jupiter@dynamicpainting.com Weatherization, Weather and Waterproofing Maintenance, Cleaning Services, Steam and Pressure
Eco-Crew, LLC 6295 Lake Worth Rd Ste 200, Greenacres FL 334632050 919-741-2864 emayorga@ecocrewstaff.com Employment Agency and Search Firm Services (Including Backgr
Electrical Design Associates, Inc. 8401 Lake Worth Rd Ste 221, Lake Worth FL 33467 561-819-5556 lreyes@goeda.com Electrical Engineering (Incl. Cogeneration Design Services)
Elite Removal Services, Inc. 5228 Lake Osborne Dr, Lake Worth FL 33461 561-493-0281 eliteremoval@yahoo.com Removal and Pickup of Dead Bodies
Exacta Commercial Surveyors, Inc. 3460 Fairlane Farms Rd Ste 6, Wellington FL 334148755 561-314-0769 javier@exactacomm.com C.I.P., Land Surveying Services
Falcon Contracting,  Inc. 4225 Chukker Dr, West Palm Beach FL 334064805 561-727-9634 falconcontracting@comcast.net Site Work, Clearing and Grubbing Services, Excavation Services, Construction Management Services
FIRE MIND CORP 100 Lehane Ter Apt 22, North Palm Beach FL 33408 214-635-9919 karenlau@firemind.info Portable Toilets, Sinks, Portable, Self-Contained
Gartek Engineering Corporation 6801 Lake Worth Rd Ste 117, Greenacres FL 33467 561-249-3431 Rhansen@gartek.cc Electrical Engineering, Fire Protection Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
General Security Services LLC 5171 10th Ave N, Greenacres FL 33463 561-649-3110 ltorres@generalsecurityguard.com Security/Safety Consulting, Training, Guard and Security Services
Grace & Naeem Uddin, Inc. 524 Datura St Ste 211, West Palm Beach FL 33401 954-693-0620 naeem@gnuinc.com Carpentry Services, Repair Services, Concrete, Stucco, Inspecting, General/Engineering, Construction Management Services
Green Building Construction Corp. 2885 Jupiter Park Dr Ste 1800, Jupiter FL 33458 561-747-9433 royburch@bellsouth.net Construction Management Services
Green Group Studio, Inc. 8461 Lake Worth Rd Ste 227, Lake Worth FL 33467 561-594-7336 aborza@greengroupstudio.com Advertising Agency Services, Hosting Services, Web Site, Video Production, Web Page Design, Management and Maintenance Services
Habana Excavating Inc. 2415 Ceciele Ave Unit D, West Palm Beach FL 33417 561-689-0058 Habanaexcavating@comcast.net Clearing and Grubbing Services, Excavation Services, Hauling Services
Hispanic Market Services, LLC 3584 Collonade Dr, Wellington FL 33449 561-935-6444 gbryan@hispanicmarketservices.com Communications: Public Relations Consulting, Public Relations Services, Marketing Consulting, Marketing Services
Holistic Secured Operations, Inc. 270 Sand Run Rd, West Palm Beach FL 334132203 561-215-0742 hsanchez@hsops.com Business Consulting, Large, Education and Training Consulting, Security/Safety Consulting, Training and Instruction, Safety Training and Awareness Services 
HOLTZ CONSULTING ENGINEERS, INC. 270 S Central Blvd Ste 207, Jupiter FL 33458 561-575-2005 andrea.holtz@holtzconsulting.com Engineering Consulting, Environmental Engineering, Municipal Engineering, Sanitary Engineering, Waste Water Treatment Engineering
HSQ Group, Inc. 1489 W Palmetto Park Rd Ste 340, Boca Raton FL 33486 561-392-0221 tony@hsqgroup.net Civil Engineering, Mapping & Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Services
I.Q Constructions, Inc. 140 Via D Este Apt 802, Delray Beach FL 334453965 954-812-5243 iqconstructions@comcast.net ConcreteFurnishings: Artwork, Cabinets, Furniture, Window Treatments, General Construction: Management, Scheduling, Cost Estimation
Intrepid Electric, Inc. 12773 Forest Hill Blvd Ste 215, Wellington FL 334144762 561-471-2880 intrepidelectricinc@gmail.com Energy Computerized Control System (HVAC, Lighting, Utilities), Wiring and Other Electrical Maintenance and Repair Services, Electrical Maintenance and Repair Services, Residential Electrical Contractor
Irma Robinson Inc 255 Evernia St Unit 1008, West Palm Beach FL 334015678 312-787-1287 irobinson@iri-cepco.com Interior Design, Space Planning, and Exhibits/Displays, Space Planning, Interior Design, Drafting Services
J. M. A. Electric, Inc. 325 SE 2nd St, Belle Glade FL 33430 561-993-9225 Jmaelectric@aol.com Wiring and Other Electrical Maintenance and Repair Services, Electrical
Janice M. Riley, Inc. 1000 W Industrial Ave, Boynton Beach FL 33426 561-572-2600 mauro@pavinglady.com Striping Streets, Parking Facilities, Lane Divisions, Maintenance and Repair, Parking Lot and Alley, Paving/Resurfacing, Alley and Parking Lot
Javier E. Bidot & Associates, PSC 2385 NW Executive Center Dr Ste 100, Boca Raton FL 334318510 561-962-2851 lbetancourt@jebpr.com Aerial Surveys and Mapping Services, C.I.P., Land Surveying Services, Real Estate/Land Consulting, Surveyor Services, Land
JFO GROUP INC 11924 Forest Hill Blvd 10A-123, Wellington FL 33414 561-512-7556 Juan.Ortega@jfogroupinc.com Urban Planning Consulting, Traffic Consulting, Transportation Consulting, Land Development and Planning/Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, 
KMI  International, Inc. 2501 Park St, Lake Worth FL 33460 561-588-5514 carlos@kmiinternational.us Millwork: Counters, Custom-Made Cabinets, Shelves, Stairs, Casework and Cabinets, Custom, All Types
LARIOS TRUCKING INC 17200 US Highway 441, Canal Point FL 334389570 561-914-4411 lariostrucking@gmail.com Hauling Servicesx, Monitoring Services, Disaster Debris and Recovery
Law Offices of Carol D. Ellis, P.A. 500 Australian Ave S Ste 535, West Palm Beach FL 33401 561-249-2575 carol@carolellislaw.com Legal Services, Attorneys
Maia Lawn & Landscape Services, Inc. 6940 Stoney Creek Cir, Lake Worth FL 33467 561-723-9605 maialawn@aol.com Grounds Maintenance, Landscaping, Pest Control, Roadside Maintenance Services
Matador Construction & Land Development, Inc. 13179 53rd Ct N, West Palm Beach FL 33411-8177 561-795-0955 austin@matadorconstruction.org Site Work, Clearing and Grubbing Services, Construction, General, Excavation Services
MCJ Professional Cleaning Services Corp 370 Camino Gardens Blvd Ste 302, Boca Raton FL 33432   contact@mcjcleaning.com Janitorial/Custodial Services, Window Washing Services, Cleaning, Interior/Exterior, New Construction, Washing, Waxing, Polishing, Steam Cleaning, Disinfecting,
Miranda & Sons Environmental Inc. P. O. Box 6472, West Palm Beach FL 33405 561-793-3245 FredMiranda@mirandaexterminating.com Pest Control
Modernday Lighting Supply,Inc. 407 Commerce Way Ste 12A, Jupiter FL 334588876 561-316-2853 willie@moderndaylighting.com Control Devices, Lighting, Lighting, Solar Powered, Ignition, Starting Aid, High Pressure Sodium, Street and Highway Lighting Luminaires
My Family Floor Care Inc. 4349 Forest Hill Blvd, Palm Springs FL 334065717 786-879-3938 familyfloorcare23@gmail.com Flooring Maintenance and Repair, Janitorial/Custodial Services, Cleaning Services, Steam and Pressure
N & P Construction and Development, INC 1405 Allendale Rd, West Palm Beach FL 33405 561-318-7575 apiedra80@yahoo.com Clearing and Grubbing Services, Demolition Services, Excavation Services, Construction Management Services
NZ Consultants, INC 1851 W Indiantown Rd 100, Jupiter FL 33458 561-758-2252 nilsa@nzconsultants.net Urban Planning Consulting, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Training, Environmental, Urban and Regional Development Services, Economic Impact Studies
Odums Sod Inc. 13961 Okeechobee Blvd, Loxahatchee FL 33470 561-333-7416 odumssod@yahoo.com Sod, Grass, Grass, Sod and Topsoil In Place
Paintex Inc 4757 Poseidon Pl, Lake Worth FL 33463 561-601-8013 felix6743@yahoo.com Painting, Maintenance and Repair Services, Wall and Ceiling Repair and Replacement, Painting and Wallpapering, Cleaning Services, Steam and Pressure
Palm Beach Latino Inc. 4404 Georgia Ave, West Palm Beach FL 334052521 561-310-5333 uzal@msn.com Newspaper and Publication Advertising, Desk Top Publishing Services
Palm Beach Public Relations, LLC 4440 PGA Blvd Ste 600, Palm Beach Gardens FL 33410 561-472-9179 rebecca@pb-pr.com Public Relations Services, Communications: Public Relations Consulting, Marketing Consulting, Social Media Management Services, Marketing Services
Pevida Highway Designers, LLC 8600 NW 17th St, Ste 160, Doral FL 33126-103 786-228-5666 cjimenez@pevidahighwaydesigners.com Engineering Consulting, System Implementation and Engineering Services, Civil Engineering, Engineering Services, Inspection, Geotechnical Engineering, Irrigation; Drainage; Flood Control/Engineering
Poseidon Dredge & Marine, Inc. 319 Wickline Blvd Ste A, Lantana FL 334623184 561-296-4991 pdm@pdmarineinc.com Construction Services, General (Marine), Dredging Services
POWERLAZ ELECTRIC SERVICES, INC 930 Briarwood Dr, Haverhill FL 33415 561-719-6590 powerlaz@gmail.com , Electrical Maintenance and Repair ServicesWire, Electrical Control, Lighting, Solar Powered, Solar Panels, Wiring and Other Electrical Maintenance and Repair Services, Electrical
Prestige Commercial Kitchen, Inc. 2739 Pienza Cir, Royal Palm Beach FL 33411 561-236-6576 adriansilva@prestigecommercialkitchen.com Installation, Appliances
Prism Surveying Inc. 17721 62nd Rd N, Loxahatchee FL 33470 561-204-1035 rick@prismsurveying.com Surveyor Services, Land, Mapping & Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Services
Protect Video Inc 3483 High Ridge Road, Boynton Beach FL 33426 561-622-5880 shad@protectvideo.com Access Control Systems and Security Systems, Communication Security Systems, Electrical
RBK Fire Systems, Inc. 2365 Vista Parkway Ste 10, West Palm Beach FL 33411 561-841-6192 basilio@rbkfiresystems.com Firestop Systems (Includes Installation and Fireproofing), Fire Protection Equipment and Systems Including Fire Hydrant
REG Architects, Inc. 300 Clematis St Fl 3, West Palm Beach FL 33401 561-659-2383 rick@regarchitects.com Architectural Services, Professional, Space Planning, Interior Design
rg landscaping inc 265 Mulberry Rd, Royal Palm Beach FL 33411 561-503-5320 rg_services@yahoo.com Debris/Recycling Material Hauling Services, Tree and Shrub Removal Services, Landscape Maintenance Services, Roadside Maintenance Services (Including Mowing, etc.)
Rolando's Compactors, Inc. 1069 Handy Oak Cir, West Palm Beach FL 33411 561-753-0347 rolandoscompactor@yahoo.com Refuse/Garbage Collection/Dumping Equipment Maintenance, Welding Services, Agricultural, Heavy Industrial and Similar
TIP TOP CAR WASH INC 1450 N Military Trl, West Palm Beach FL 33409 561-684-1661 marksedelnik@yahoo.com Parts and Accessories, Automotive, Miscellaneous, Detergent, Steam and Hot Water Spray Cleaning, Detergent, Car Wash, Liquid
TRU TRUCKING INC 14689 21st St N P.O. Box 1058, Loxahatchee FL 33470 561-753-6417 trutrucking@bellsouth.net Hauling Services
UR3ANA, LLC 1900 Glades Rd, Boca Raton FL 334317378 561-602-1225 yexsy@UR3ANA.com Planning, Urban (Community, Regional, Area wide, and State), Business Consulting, Large, Real Estate/Land Consulting (Including Land Survey Consulting), Urban Planning Consulting
VMM Consulting 401 N Rosemary Ave, West Palm Beach FL 334019334 772-214-9482 vmmconsulting@att.net Business Consulting, Large, Construction Consulting, Consulting Services (Not Otherwise Classified), Project Management Services
Waltram Corporation Inc 127 Dixie Hwy, Lake Worth FL 334604132 561-644-1448 waltraminc@gmail.com
Real Estate/Property Management, Site Clean-up, Post-Construction, Cleaning, Interior/Exterior, New Construction, Property Management Services
WBI Contracting of Palm Beach, Inc. 1538 B Rd, Loxahatchee FL 33470 561-718-3319 ozzy8me@aol.com Excavation Services, Construction, Utility/Underground Projects, Maintenance and Repair, Utility/Underground Projects
West Palm Machining & Welding, Inc. 4650 Dyer Blvd, Riviera Beach FL 33407 561-841-2725 westpalmmachine@bellsouth.net Steel, Fabricated: Beams, Gabions, Gratings, Walkways, Window, Welding, Welding Maintenance and Repair Services, Machine Shop and Fabricating Servicesv
WGM Quality Painting, Inc. 536 Tall Pines Rd, Haverhill FL 33415 561-889-1286 wgmqualitypaint@aol.com Painting Services, Wall and Ceiling Repair and Replacement 
Wuyke Enterprises, LLC 825 Egret Cir Unit A-505, Delray Beach FL 334447697 561-577-2884 raiza.wuyke@gmail.com Janitorial/Custodial Services​

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