​The Mission of the Office of Equal Business Opportunity (OEBO) is to ensure that all local small businesses have an equitable opportunity to participate in the County's procurement process.  Our purpose is to work with all County departments to provide support and technical assistance while promoting the economic growth, expansion and increased productivity of all small, minority and women owned business enterprises in accordance with the established ordinance, policies and procedures.

The OEBO aims to continually assist local S/M/WBEs to further improve their business capacity by increasing their presence within the Palm Beach County vendor pool through increased certifications within various commodity types. The OEBO has found that there is a significant deficit between the amount of certified S/M/WBE vendors providing goods/services within specific commodity areas and the demand of departments within Palm Beach County.

In order to remedy this deficiency, the OEBO is providing information designed to inform the vendor community and the public of the current commodity codes that Palm Beach County uses to solicit contracts that currently lack sufficient S/M/WBE participation resulting in waivers of Affirmative Procurement Initiatives (APIs) being granted. While the County is not required to do so, we believe providing this information will foster full and open competition among all available vendors registered with Palm Beach County and encourage S/M/WBE vendors to pursue certification for the commodities where deficits are present. 

Listed are the most recent API waivers granted by OEBO.

Disclaimer: This service is provided for convenience only and does not serve as a guarantee of notification.