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Black Business Month ~ August 2020


Spotlight on Certified Black Businesses

Vendor Name Address Telephone Email Services Provided
"2" SBW & Associates, Inc. 141  Dabou Loop    PO Box 1786, Belle Glade, FL 33430 561-992-0306 2-sbw@2-sbw.com Construction Consulting, Carpentry Maintenace and Repair Services, Painting, Door Installation, Construction, Window Installation
A & ASSOCIATES STAFFING, INC. 951 951 Sansburys Way Ste 204, West Palm Beach FL 334113619 561-815-9410 evelyn@aaworkforce.com Employment Agency Services, Hiring of Temporary Personnel
A & Associates, Inc. 8144 Okeechobee Blvd Ste B, West Palm Beach FL 33411200 561-533-5303 evelyn@associatestaffing.com Tutoring, Vocational Training, All Types 
A & B Engineering, Inc. 3461 Fairlane Farms Road, Wellington FL 33414 561-383-7480 mrose@abengineering.net Civil Engineering, Mapping & Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Services
A Beautiful Occasion LLC 1401 W 13th St Ste A106, Riviera Beach FL 334046609 561-951-5953 info@abeautifuloccasionllc.com AMUSEMENT, DECORATIONS, ENTERTAINMENT, GIFTS, TOYS, ETC., 
A. L. Jackson & Company, P.A. 8760 Club Estates Way, Lake Worth FL 33467 561-642-4199 alj@aljacksonco.com Accounting, Auditing, Budget Consulting, Business Consulting, Financial and Economic Consulting, IT Consulting Services
Ace Custom Signs & Window Tinting LLC 4574 Dyer Blvd Suite 6, West Palm Beach FL 334071035 561-310-4064 sales@acecustomsigns.com Decals
Adams Consulting Group, Inc. 401 N Rosemary Ave 1318, West Palm Beach FL 33401 954-764-8500 padams@adamsconsulting.biz Business Consulting
ALL PHASE INC 13309 41st Ln N, Royal Palm Beach FL 33411 561-793-0476 allphaseinc@att.net Construction   
Andrew Morgan Services 513 U.S. Highway One Ste 109, North Palm Beach FL 33408 561-881-8999 amorganservices@gmail.com Structural Engineering
Arbor Electric Services, Inc. 2230 Spring Harbor Dr Unit I, Delray Beach FL 33445 561-450-9029 service@mrwireman.com Electrical,Fire Alarm and Safety Services, Including Installation of Equipment
Asset Builders, LLC 617 SW 10th St, Belle Glade FL 33430 877-963-7726 info@messamconstruction.com Wall and Ceiling Maintenance, Repair and Replacement Services, Including Drywalling, Painting and Wallpapering, Construction Management Services
Avant Garde Security Services 5034 Norma Elaine Rd, West Palm Beach FL 33417 561-667-2424 woriantus@gmail.com Security/Safety Consulting
Awnings, Contractors & Designers, Inc 5769 Ellis Hollow Rd E, Lake Worth FL 334631565 561-503-5020 awningcontractors@gmail.com Awnings
Barnes Ferland & Associates, Inc. 2502 N Dixie Hwy Ste 45, Lake Worth FL 33460 561-689-1730 pbarnes@bfaenvironmental.com Engineering Consulting, Geological Consulting and Study, Environmental Engineering
BCMB Enterprises, Inc. 2000 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, West Palm Beach FL 334096503 561-202-1266 Bonnie@abetterwayhc.net Home Health Care Services, Homemaker, Housekeeping Services
BDS Catering & Productions LLC 401 N Rosemary Ave, West Palm Beach FL 33401 561-543-9787 info@bdscaters.com Food Service Consulting, Concessions, Cafeteria and Restaurant Services
Be.Lead.Grow.,LLC 7102 71st Way, West Palm Beach FL 334076752 561-889-9199 DrAMS@BeLeadGrow.com Business Consulting, Organizational Development Consulting, Public Speaking Services
Big Lock Mobile Kitchen, LLC 1097 Grand Duke Way, Royal Palm Beach FL 334113170 561-758-1156 info@biglockmobilekitchen.com Concession, Catering, Vending: Mobile & Stationary
Bin Medics LLC 103 Hemingway Ct, Royal Palm Beach FL 334111505 561-500-2467 info@cleanwasteindustries.com Container Maintenance & Repair Services, Cleaning Services, Steam and Pressure
Bright & Clear Soft and Pressure Washing 1392 Summit Pines Blvd Apt 618, West Palm Beach FL 334155100 561-932-7594 brightandclearsoftwash@yahoo.com Building Cleaning
Brown & Brown Electric, Inc 23257 S State Rd #7 Rd Ste 103, Boca Raton FL 33428 561-478-5457 Hermine.Brown@brownandbrownelectric.com Electrical Maintenance and Repair Services, Electrical
Brown & Phillips, Inc. 1860 Old Okeechobee Rd Ste 509, West Palm Beach FL 33409 561-615-3988 tony@brown-phillips.com Survey Services, Mapping & Geographical Information Systems Services
Brown Electrical Solutions, LLC 1031 Center Stone Ln, Riviera Beach FL 334041824 561-541-9016 brownelectrical01@yahoo.com Electrical, Wiring, Lighting Fixtures and Services
Buddy Baton LLC 3808 Heath Circle South, West Palm Beach FL 33407 561-801-2426 buddybaton@bellsouth.net Aerobic Training Equipment, Doors and Windows, Carpentry, Maintenance and Repair Services, Door Installation, Metal, Maintenance and Repair Services
Built Solid Construction, LLC 16822 Murcott Blvd, Loxahatchee FL 33470 561-723-9595 jazmin_rbrts@yahoo.com Remodeling and Alteration Services,Roofing, Gutters, and Downspouts Maintenance and Repair Services
Bus One LLC 2650 Lake Shore Dr Ste 606, Riviera Beach FL 33404 561-758-7377 denise@bus-one.com Coach, Transit, Mini, Conventional, Coach, Transit, Mini, Handicapped
C Keys Live Sound and Lighting LLC 523 Northwood Rd, West Palm Beach FL 334075817 561-704-6184 chester@ckeysnow.com Audio Equipment and Accessories, Television (Microphones, Mixers, and Amplifiers), Lighting Systems
C Solutions Inc. 4152 W Blue Heron Blvd 224/225, Riviera Beach FL 33404 561-244-9480 mdrummond@csolutions-us.com Consulting Services, Mechanical Engineering
Caring 4 All of You, Inc 4177 Onega Cir, West Palm Beach FL 334097855 561-603-5442 caring4allofyou@gmail.com Education and Training Consults, Medical Consulting, Management Consulting
Catering CC, INC 1599 SW 30th Ave, Boynton Beach FL 33426 561-704-5217 info@cateringcc.com Concession, Catering, Vending: Mobile & Stationary, Catering Services, Banquet, Off-Site
Champions for Healing, LLC 2054 Vista Pkwy Ste 400, West Palm Beach FL 334116742 305-905-9757 jingaarnp@gmail.com Medical Services, Physician Services
Changes Wellness Center LLC 31 W 20th St, Riviera Beach FL 334046155 561-899-9140 mowellons@changescenter.org Human Services Consults, Alcohol and Drug Testing Services
Character Enterprises INC. 725 Hummingbird Way Apt 212, North Palm Beach FL 334085148 561-290-9383 vcharactercleaning@gmail.com Site Clean-up, Building Cleaning, Janitorial/Custodial Services
Civil Services, Inc. 2655 N Ocean Drive Ste 315, Riviera Beach FL 33404 561-232-9882 cmorse@civilservicesinc.com Civil Engineering, General Construction
CJE Incorporated 2222 N Dixie Hwy, Lake Worth FL 334606257 561-284-0673 cjeincorp@gmail.com Security/Safety Consulting, Guard and Security Services, Investigative Services
Clear Financial & Tax Services 2328 10th Ave N Ste 501D, Lake Worth FL 334616615 561-503-1751 anivain.marius@clearftservices.com Accounting and Billing Services
CLEAR VUE LASER EYE CENTER 7657 Lake Worth Rd, Lake Worth FL 334672534 561-432-4141 monique.barbour@ymail.com Optician/Optometrical Services
CMSPLUMBINGCORP 150 Ponce De Leon St, Royal Palm Beach FL 334111213 954-868-2845 CMSPLUMBING123@COMCAST.NET Kitchen and Bathroom Fixture Repair (Not Plumbing), Plumbing Maintenance and Repair Services
Comet Cleaning Systems Inc 10147 Boca Entrada Blvd Apt 119, Boca Raton FL 334285853 954-793-2442 cometcleaningsystems@gmail.com Janitorial/Custodial Services, Buidlign Cleaning
Communications by Johnson, Inc. 3866 Prospect Ave Ste 3, Riviera Beach FL 33419 561-848-9393 mrj@commbyjohnson.com Cables, Telecommunications Services, Telecommunications Consulting, Radio, Telecommunications, Maintenance and Repair
Complete Contract Consulting LLC 2001 Broadway Ave Ste 270, Riviera Beach FL 334045622 561-404-7365 sbarnes@completecontractconsulting.com Administrative Consulting, Management Consulting, Grant Writing Services
Cooper Construction Management & Consulting, INC 354 Hiatt Dr Ste 140, Palm Beach Gardens FL 33418 561-588-5222 info@coopercmc.com Administration of Contracts: Summary of Work, Quality Control, Project Closeout, etc., Painting Services, Outreach Services, Construction Consulting, Construction Management Services
Corporate Project Services, Inc. 8451 SW 27th St, Miramar FL 330252953 954-701-2454 estherlambert08@gmail.com Management Consulting, Training, Project Management Services
Crowned Public Relations 120 S Dixie Hwy Ste 205, West Palm Beach FL 334015422 561-444-8330 courtney@crownedmc.com Communications Marketing Services, Web Page Design,Maintenance and Management Services, Advertising Consulting, Business Consulting, Consulting, Communications, Public Relations
D & W Tires Direct, LLC 808 W 1st St, Riviera Beach FL 334047608 561-766-2543 tinatires@gmail.com Tires
D. L .W. Sr., INC 4640-1 4640-1 Hypoluxo Rd, Lake Worth FL 33463 561-436-0198 dwalton@aobd.us Background Checks, Alcohol and Drug Testing Services, Fingerprinting Services
Designed By BM Inc 207 Baker Dr, West Palm Beach FL 334093803 937-626-8637 contact@brittanimdesign.com Designing Services, Graphic Arts Services, Web Page Design
Dev-Land Demolition & Site, Inc. 11240 Brandywine Lake Way, Boynton Beach FL 334734890 561-585-6370 devland6370@aol.com Demolition Services, Hauling Services
DEVLAND SITE PAVING AND UTILITIES, INC. 1106 S Palmway, Lake Worth FL 334605208 561-762-8440 edeveaux17@aol.com Construction, Maintenance and Repair, Paving
Dr. Rooter L.L.C. 1620 Sherwood Ave, West Palm Beach FL 334072136 561-628-1953 office@drrooter.com Plumbing Maintenance and Repair Services, Electronic Maintenance and Repair
Dream Dimension LLC 1245 Banyan Canal Dr, West Palm Beach FL 334152776 561-670-8248 nomad4lifex@yahoo.com Communications, Community Development Consulting, Marketing Consulting
Duval Sheet Metal, Inc. 2200 4th Ave Unit 7, Lake Worth FL 33461 561-547-5282 info@duvalsheetmetal.com Duct, Fabricated, Metal, Down Pipes, Eaves, Troughs, Guttering, and Accessories
Economic Solution Services iInc 3411 W Woolbright Rd, Boynton Beach FL 334367246 561-251-1265 info@EconomicSolutionServices.com Accounting, Auditing, Budget Consulting, Business Consulting, Accounting and Billing Services
EDB LLC 3200 Summit Blvd, 17212, West Palm Beach FL 334164090 561-444-9170 info@edbcollective.com Business Consulting, Computer Software Consulting, IT Consulting
Electron Plus of Florida LLC 7472 Wentworth Dr, Lake Worth FL 334677809 954-650-8270 vincent@electronplusfl.com Wiring and Other Electrical Maintenance and Repair Services, Electrical Maintenance and Repair Services
eminent by buera 1804 N Dixie Hwy, West Palm Beach FL 334076570 561-370-9112 info@eminentb.com Sewing, Emroidery Services
Engineered Design Services LLC 560 Village Blvd Ste 260, West Palm Beach FL 334091963 813-816-0301 contact@edsengineers.com Architectural Services, Engineering Services
Enlighten Through Art LLC 1006 Hansen St, West Palm Beach FL 334053022 561-629-2973 enlightenthroughart@gmail.com Education and Training Consulting
ENO Consulting Group, LLC 3139 Lakeview Blvd, Delray Beach FL 334455604 561-400-9577 diane@eno-cg.com Business Consulting, IT Consulting, Management Consulting
Erica Thompson PO Box 15752, West Palm Beach FL 334165752 561-628-9214 demarcoslawnservice@gmail.com Landscaping Consulting, Tree and Shrub Removal
Essential Life Health Solutions LLC 2721 Village Blvd, Apt 302, West Palm Beach FL 334096919 561-951-4130 valschuster@gmail.com Insurance Consulting, Financial Advisor
Fleming's Carpet Cleaning Inc 513 US Highway 1 Ste 202, North Palm Beach FL 334084905 561-234-5593 flemingscarpetclean@gmail.com Air Duct Cleaning Services, Carpet Cleaning Services
Florida Atlantic Small Business Accounting LLC 6982 Lakeside Rd, West Palm Beach FL 334112624 561-644-0833 fasbcontroller@gmail.com Accounting and Billing Services, Including Payroll Services
Florida Caribbean Architecture, Inc. 7 Erwood Pl, Boynton Beach FL 33426 561-308-6694 anderson@fcarchitecture.com Architectural Services, Space Planning, Interior Design
Florida International Consulting Engineers Design 100 E Linton Blvd Ste 200A, Delray Beach FL 33483 561-278-9969 ficedesign@gmail.com Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Fire Protection Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering
From Green to Greener INC 1859 N Congress Ave, West Palm Beach FL 334011663 561-223-2341 fromgreentogreener@comcast.net Sod, Grass, Grounds Maintenance
Frostie Flavors Corp. 1751 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd Unit E121, West Palm Beach FL 334012039 754-444-1095 frostieflavors@gmail.com Food Trucks and Mobile Catering Carts
Galt Group Inc. 11924 Forest Hill Blvd, Suite 10A-347, Wellington FL 33414 561-632-8512 acadogan@galtgroup.net Management Consulting, Training, Project Management Services
GPT Enterprises, LLC 538 Edgebrook Ln, West Palm Beach FL 33411 561-632-8679 pamela@UltimateImageCoach.com Business Consulting, Education and Training Consulting
Grassroots Consulting, Inc. 2630 N Australian Ave Ste 100-S, West Palm Beach FL 33407 561-385-4657 sstringer@grassrootsconsulting.com In-Service Training, Tax Services, Training and Instruction
Greywood Consulting Corp 3300 S Dixie Hwy Ste 1-138, West Palm Beach FL 33405 678-612-2446 lorna.anderson@greywood.us IT Consulting, Management Consulting
HAMMOND & ASSOCIATES Inc. 2300 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd Ste 215M, West Palm Beach FL 33409 561-689-0003 totalham@bellsouth.net Electrical Engineering, General Construction, Mechanical Engineering
HATCHER CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT INC 710 W Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach FL 33444 561-752-4100 hatchergc@bellsouth.net Painting, Construction, Maintenance and Repair
HBC Engineering Company 123 NW 13th St Ste 308, Boca Raton FL 334321645 305-232-7932 acoker@hbcengineeringco.com Engineering Services, Civil Engineering
HOME HEALTH SERVICES OF THE PALM BEACHES 515 N Flagler Dr Ste P300, West Palm Beach FL 334014326 561-370-7413 caring@hhspb.org Home Health Care Services, Homemaker
Jasmine Construction, LLC 54 Mulberry Grove Rd, Royal Palm Beach FL 33411 561-319-8055 jascllc@att.net Carpentry, Construction Management Services
Journey C&D Group Inc. 401 N Rosemary Ave, West Palm Beach FL 334014133 561-320-2566 cmoore@journeycdg.com Contractor Compliance, Door Installation, Window Installation
K-Barr Group, LLC 15708 Orange Blvd, Loxahatchee FL 334703442 615-947-2548 kbarrgroup@comcast.net Buidling Cleaning, Clearing and Grubbing Services, Construction Management Services
K.W.A. Group, LLC 1397 Stonehaven Estates Dr, West Palm Beach FL 334116621 954-649-6795 info@kwagroupbranding.com Promotional Items
Kaliah Communications, Inc. 7847 Ambleside Way, Lake Worth FL 33467 561-641-8760 Kaliahpr@gmail.com Communications Marketing Services, Public Relations Consulting, Graphic Design Services for Printing
Kesline Mullings Butler 2371 Shimmery Ln, Lake Worth FL 334626001 561-702-6378 kesline@kakesbykesline.com Cakes, Doughnuts, Pies, Desserts
KNOLYS JOHNSON INC 639 NE 8 Ave, Boynton Beach FL 33435 561-366-7270 knolysjohnsoninc@yahoo.com Painting, Maintenance and Repair Services, Including Caulking, Wall and Ceiling Maintenance, Repair and Replacement Services
Kolmio Global, Inc. 2054 Vista Pkwy Ste 400, West Palm Beach FL 334116741 561-762-7554 info@kolmioglobal.com Graphic Arts Services (Not Printing), Web Page Design,Maintenance and Management Services
KVL Media Group LLC 1547 N Florida Mango Rd, West Palm Beach FL 33409 407-272-9374 kevin@kvlmedia.com Photography Services, Not Including Aerial Photography, Film and Slide Processing, Duplicating and Touch Up Services
L B Limited & Associates Inc. 120 S Dixie Hwy #205, West Palm Beach FL 33401 561-833-8080 blewislb@bellsouth.net Cmmunications Marketing Services
L M C C Specialty Contractors, Inc. 3540 Forest Hill Blvd Ste 112, West Palm Beach FL 33406 800-908-8766 lynn@mimsconstruction.com Construction Management Services
lbj solutions llc 1900 Glades Rd 500-72, Boca Raton FL 334332388 561-208-1841 ADMIN@BOCALIVESCAN.COM Fingerprinting Services
Legend Property Management and Maintence Service INC 5269 Tiffany Anne Cir, West Palm Beach FL 334171083 561-584-4781 legendpmms@gmail.com Grounds Maintenance, Litter Removal Services
Leonard Graham Inc 4788 Cherry Rd, West Palm Beach FL 33417 954-326-8061 lgincconstruction@gmail.com Painting, Maintenance and Repair Services, Including Caulking, Construction, Concrete
Luke 137 LLC 1233 W 6th St, Riviera Beach FL 334047219 561-841-8419 browndfla@aol.com Cemetery Management Services, Cemetery Maintenance Services
Mack & Son, LLC 921 27th St, West Palm Beach FL 33407 561-845-0717 mackandson@comcast.net Demolition Services, Excavation Services, Hauling Services, Tree and Shrub Removal Services, Grounds and Roadside Maintenance: Mowing, Edging, Plant, Not Tree Trimming, etc.
Mark Escoffery, P.A. 8645 N Military Trl 503, Palm Beach Gardens FL 33410 561-627-1404 escofferypa@gmail.com Accounting, Auditing, Budget Consulting, Audit Services, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Services
McKinley Financial Services, Inc. 29 SE 5th St, Boca Raton FL 334326019 954-541-2423 cmiller@mckinleyinsurance.com Insurance and Insurance Services
MCO Construction & Services, Inc. 2054 Vista Pkwy Ste 400, West Palm Beach FL 334116742 786-546-0184 president@mcoconstruction.net Construction Management Services
Montage Diversity Consultants, LLC 401 W 401 W. Atlantic Ave., Suite 09 Ave Ste 09, Delray Beach FL 33444 561-327-4950 sburke@montageeducation.com Human Resources Consulting Services
Mosnar Diesel Solutions, LLC 500 S Australian Ave Ste 600, West Palm Beach FL 334016223 561-939-8288 rdavis@mosnargroup.net Alternative Fuels (Not Otherwise Classified), Fuel Additives, Extenders, Octane Enhancers, etc.
Motre Co. LLC 280 Ponce De Leon St, West  Palm Beach FL 33411 561-317-5951 tpena@motre.co Business Consulting, Management Consulting 
Mullings Engineering Services LLC. 8110 Pelican Harbour Dr, Lake Worth FL 33467 561-255-2369 mullingseng@hotmail.com Maintenance and Repair, Utility/Underground Projects
Naysimone Crews 4300 Emerald Vis, Lake Worth FL 334615384 347-292-9393 ntcsuperbservices@gmail.com Site Clean-up, Carpet Cleaning Services, Flooring Maintenance and Repair
Nicole Thomas 2826 Broadway Ave Ste 206, riviera beach FL 33404 937-251-4949 nicole.thomas@blessedtouchlmt.com Massage Services
Ocean (Caribbean) Distributors, Inc. 4300 Oak Cir, Boca Raton FL 334314208 855-813-1146 cynthiajerry@gmail.com Cosmetics and Skin Care
Odums, Inc. 13961 Okeechobee Blvd, Loxahatchee FL 33470 561-333-7416 odumstopsoil@bellsouth.net Mulch, Wood, Aggregate Base, Stone, Sand and Gravel, Sand, Concrete, Sand, Fill, Top Soil and Fill Dirt
Oh Banana Boy LLC 5989 Durango Dr, Lake Worth FL 334495448 561-713-5888 earlieb64@yahoo.com Moving Services
Oral H Waugh 130 Queens Ln, Royal Palm Beach FL 334111576 561-818-3961 gotjerkbbq@gmail.com Concessions, Event Planning Services
P&L Corporate Solutions, LLC 3540 Forest Hill Blvd, West Palm Beach FL 334065878 954-461-3357 phumber@pl-cs.com Business Consulting
Pacifica Engineering Services, LLC 11173 Pacifica St, Wellington FL 334498340 561-693-8093 wesley.foster@pacificaes.com Geotechnical - Soils, Testing Services, Consulting Services, Environmental Consulting, Geological Consulting and Study
PB Marketing Group LLC 516 Green Springs Pl, West Palm Beach FL 33409 561-758-9152 patrick@printingandbranding.com Novelties and Advertising Specialty Products
Phinazee Construction & Consulting Services, Inc. 11815 51st Ct N, West Palm Beach FL 334119016 505-620-6152 pccsi@phinazeeconsulting.com Administration of Contracts, Construction Consulting
PINK EAGLE ROOFING, LLC 931 VILLAGE BLVD, SUITE 905-225, West Palm Beach FL 33409 561-268-2177 CRYSTAL@PINKEAGLEROOFING.COM Lead Abatement Services, Roofing Consultant
PITTMAN LAW GROUP P L 1082 E PARK Ave Ste 303, Tallahassee FL 32301 561-845-7453 sean@pittman-law.com Governmental Consulting,Legal Services, Attorneys, Lobby Services
Preemptive Strike Environmental Inspections, LLC 4454 Rende Ln, Lake Worth FL 334614909 561-515-0091 inspector@prestrikenow.com Inspection, Monitoring of Insulation and Asbestos, Remediation Services, Environmental
Pro Plumbing Contractors, Inc. 4781 N Congress 131, Boynton Beach FL 33426 561-723-8746 GProby1@gmail.com Plumbing Maintenance and Repair Services: Pressure Tapping Services, Pipe Freezes, Toilets, etc., Plumbing
Professional Risk Control Consulting Services, LLC 7711 N. Military Trail Suite 201, Palm Beach Gardens FL 33410 954-410-7108 ddaley@prccsllc.com Safety Engineering and Accident Studies, Consulting Services, Constractor Compliance Monitoring Services
PUUSH, INC 1522 N Seacrest Blvd, Boynton Beach FL 33435 561-436-9631 puushinc@gmail.com Repair Services, Concrete, Maintenance and Repair
Pyke Electric, Inc. 5872 Triphammer Rd, Lake Worth FL 334631530 561-628-3009 jspikey2k@yahoo.com Wiring and Other Electrical Maintenance and Repair Services, Electrical
R2T, Inc. 500 Village Square Xing Ste 202, Palm Beach Gardens FL 33410 561-775-0009 Kim.Ajy@r2tinc.com Public Utlities, Construction, Maintenance and Repair
Randolph Construction Group Inc. 1191 N Federal Hwy, Delray Beach FL 33483 561-441-1186 dwayne@randolph-cg.com Doors and Windows, Painting Services, Overhead Door Installation
RESTORATION LAWN CARE & PRESSURE CLEANING SERVICES, LLC 1008 Big Torch St, Riviera Beach FL 334071100 561-837-1336 info@restorationlawncare.net Edging, Lawn, Cleaning Services, Landscape Maintenance Services
RKW Media 6337 Greenhedge Ct, West Palm Beach FL 334116400 561-543-6880 rwilliams@rkwmedia.com Design Services, Web Page Design,Maintenance and Management Services, Development Services, Web Page
S. Davis & Associates, P. A. 900 Osceola Drive Suite 107C, West Palm Beach FL 33409 561-547-0545 sdavis@sdaviscpa.com Business Consulting
SAFFOLD PAVING, INC. 2915 E Tamarind Ave Ste 3, West Palm Beach FL 33407 561-469-6513 ezra@saffoldpaving.com Repair Services, Concrete, Maintenance and Repair
SANelson & Associates GPS Community Relations 5883 Caribbean blvd, West Palm Beach FL 33407 561-531-1876 sophia@sanelson.co Advertising/Public Relations Services, Public Information Services
Script- Fully U Enrichment, Inc 141 Riviera Dr, Riviera Beach FL 334042422 561-856-5202 awilliams@trainingsourceone.com Consulting Services, Educational Training Consulting Services
Sean Brown Air Conditioning, Inc. 5706 Lincoln Cir E, Lake Worth FL 33463 561-313-1907 brownseanaircond@bellsouth.net Heating, Air Conditioning, and Ventalation Maintenance, HVAC
Serenity Rose Mobile Spa Inc 7570 S Federal Hwy Ste 4, Lantana FL 334626060 561-670-4902 srose@serenityrosemassage.com Perfumes and Essential Oils, Massage Services
Signature Living, Inc. 14541 62nd Ct N, Loxahatchee FL 334704584 561-351-9338 candrews@applecore-solutions.com Business Consulting, Management Consulting, Strategic Planning and Consulting Services
Sod Unlimited Inc. PO BOX 6153, Delray Beach FL 33482 561-441-1959 Sodunlimited@yahoo.com Grounds Maintenance, Tree Trimming and Pruning Services
Spotless Professional Cleaning LLC 941 42nd St, West Palm Beach FL 334073754 305-984-5481 leishascott@gmail.com Janitorial/Custodial Services, Janitorial Management Services
Stellar Business Development Systems LLC 527 Sabal Palm Dr, Lake Park FL 334032223 561-517-8003 Pamela@StellarBDS.com Business Consulting, Public Relations Consulting, Community Development Consulting, Marketing Consulting
Stonegate Allied Services LLC 160 Congress Park Dr Ste #117, Delray Beach FL 33445 786-443-7951 roybarker@stonegateallied.com Site Clean-up, Janitorial/Custodial Services
Street Art Revolution LLC 7677 Preserve Ct, West Palm Beach FL 334122426 561-440-3921 bowmancaron@gmail.com Drawings, Murals
Synergy Solutions Group LLC 2745 Broadway, Riviera Beach FL 334044538 561-304-9066 info@synergysolutionsgroup.org Accounting and Billing Services, Including Payroll Services, 3rd Party Reimbursement for Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, Etc., Notary Public Services
T. H. Mottley Construction, Inc. 417 Silver Beach Rd, Lake Park FL 33403 561-863-0156 thm.roofing.construction@gmail.com Roofing, Gutters, and Downspouts Maintenance and Repair, Construction Services, Trade Services
Tamara Trucking Inc 15886 95th Rd N, Loxahatchee FL 334702887 561-846-1348 tamaratruck@gmail.com Hauling Services, Debris/Recycling Material Hauling Services
Taste and See Creations 5072 Victoria Cir, West Palm Beach FL 334097850 561-255-0591 info@tasteandseecreations.com Fruits, Citrus, Table coverings, Food Service, cakes, cookies, and pastries, Doughnuts, Fried Pies, and Bagels, Muffins, Pies, Desserts, Except Cake and Pastry, Food Service Consulting
The Carpenter's Son Inc. 246 SW 7th Ave, Boynton Beach FL 33435 561-452-2191 remmcclendon@aol.com Doors and Windows, Finishes: Flooring, Wall And Ceiling, Etc., Maintenance and Repair, Non-Residential Building, Maintenance and Repair
The Drummond Group, LLC 2887 SW 22nd Cir, Delray Beach FL 334457866 703-371-8961 mdrummond@thedrummondgroupco.com Accounting/Auditing/Budget Consulting Services
The Kennedy Group LLC 3200 Summit Blvd, 17212, West Palm Beach FL 334164090 561-247-1854 info@thekg.net Conference Coordinating and Planning Services, Project Management Services
Thompson Creative Collective, Inc. 401 N Rosemary Ave, West Palm Beach FL 334014133 561-406-8173 davicka@thompsoncreativecollective.com Public Information Services, Consulting Services
Timely Consulting LLC 5217 S Military Trl, Lake Worth FL 334636019 904-402-7516 timelyconsulting.fl@gmail.com Electricity Contracts
TNT Lawn Executives LLC 100 E Linton Blvd Ste 135A, Delray Beach FL 334833341 561-302-6575 tntlawnexecutives@gmail.com Landscaping Consulting, Grounds Maintenance
Top Shelf Gourmet Pops 1090 W 26th Ct, Riviera Beach FL 334044148 561-318-9048 ashley@topshelfpops.com Concessions, Catering, Vending
Total Solution Contractors Inc. 951 Sansbury's Way Ste 204, West Palm Beach FL 33411 561-318-4080 admin@totalsolutioncontractors.com Masonry, Concrete and Stucco Maintenance, Finishing, and Repair Services Including Inside Concrete Sawing and Grouting Work
Upscale Events by Mosaic, LLC 2930 Okeechobee Blvd Ste 207, West Palm Beach FL 33409 561-651-9565 annmarie@mosaicgroup.co Advertising/Public Relations Services, Outreach Services, Business Consulting, Small, Business Consulting, Marketing Consulting
Victor M Dove Sr 5717 Pinewood Ave, West Palm Beach FL 334072543 561-802-8319 victormdove64@yahoo.com Tree and Shrub Removal Services, Stump Grinding
Ward & Company, P.A. 5725 Corporate Way Ste 106, West Palm Beach FL 33407 561-697-9468 zwardcpa@aol.com Accounting, Auditing, Budget Consulting, Audit Services, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Services, Tax Services, Including Tax Preparation, Advisory Services, etc.
Wellington Maintenance Services, LLC 11420 Fortune Cir Apt I-2, Wellington FL 334148737 561-249-2674 carlene@wellingtonmaintenance.com Janitorial/Custodial Services, Janitorial Management Services
WESECONDCHANCE LLC 1755 Harborside Cir, Wellington FL 334148034 561-373-5112 nayashtee@yahoo.com Personnel Management Services, Personnel/Employment Consulting
Wilfred S. Stucco, Inc. 804 Caroline Ave, West Palm Beach FL 33413 561-632-7943 wilfredbrown12@gmail.com Lathing and Plastering Maintenance and Repair Services
Williams Professional Water Restoration Service LLC 22584 Lanyard St, Boca Raton FL 33428 866-491-4324 WPWRS1965@GMAIL.COM Carpet Cleaning Services
Wilson Accounting and Tax Services, LLC 100 E Linton Blvd Ste 151-A, Delray Beach FL 33483 561-450-9287 AudraWilsonCPA@wats.biz Accounting/Auditing/Budget Consulting Services
Woodstar Technologies LLC 5365 Garden Hills Cir 14611 Southern Blvd, West Palm Beach FL 33415 561-644-0832 info@woodstartech.com Aerial Photography and Videography Services, Including Drones

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8/3 – Spotlight on Black Vendors (All day event)

8/4 - OEBO Tuesday's Tips (1pm)

8/5 - Black Chamber Judges Forum (All day event)

8/7 - Black Friday (All day event)

8/10 - Spotlight on Black Vendors (All day event)

8/12 - OEBO Mind Your Business Event (6-8pm) 

8/13 - CWPB-Open for Business ~ Bridging the Gap

8/14 -  Black Friday (All day event)

8/17 Spotlight on Black Vendors (All day event)

8/18 – OEBO Tuesdays tips - 1pm

8/18 -  Financial Literacy (All day event)

8/19 - Business Readiness Workshop  (All day event)

8/20 – Financial Literacy (All day event)

8/21 – National Black Economic Conference (All day event)

8/22 - National Black Economic Conference (All day event)

8/24 Spotlight on Black Vendors (All day event)

8/28 – Black Conference (All day event)

8/31 Spotlight on Black Vendors (All day event)

8/31 – State of the Black Business Event (All day event)