Information Systems Services


The Information Systems Services oversees the information technology strategy, develops and implements the policies and goals, and analyzes the business requirements of different departments and conducts feasibility studies to determine the best use of technical resources for agencies and for most of the departments reporting to the Board of County Commissioners, as well as some of the constitutional officers in Palm Beach County.


Information Systems Services - Organization Chart


 Strategic Services & Finance

Strategic Services & Finance provides organizational and Countywide support. Included among the responsibilities are; budget development and management, financial and personnel management, procurement, contracts and asset management, security program management, strategic planning and architecture development, and internal improvement initiatives for ISS projects, processes and services.

The divisional goals are to reduce operational costs, proactively monitor projects, establish controls and metrics for better management reporting, and provide high quality support services. Each section within the division has undertaken recent initiatives based on these goals, thereby contributing to the service quality and reputation of the department.

Primary services include:

  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources & Payroll
  • Procurement, Contracts & Assets


Strategic Services & Finance - Organization Chart


 IT Operations

​IT Operations provides direction and oversight on all aspects of IT Operations within Palm Beach County Information Systems Services (ISS). Direct areas of responsibility include:
  • Application Services Division which provides and maintains custom applications for various customers throughout the County;
  • Computing Platforms Division which installs and maintains the technical infrastructure required to support the County's IT operations;
  • Network Services Division which architects and maintains the County's vast network structure;
  • Geographic Informatio​n System ( GIS ) which facilitates the use and growth of GIS technology to the County government structure and to other local governments in the area;
  • Quality Assurance Program which ensures that the applications meet or exceed customer expectations; and
  • Training Program which provides customers with the skills to utilize the various software products employed throughout the County.


 IT Operations - Organization Chart​​

 Application Services

Application Services facilitates and conducts the functions involved in direct customer interface: applications development; project management; and consulting services. Focus is directed on the customers' needs in a shared partnership role in providing timely and cost effective end user information solutions.

Primary services include:

  • Develop, maintain and implement customer applications using appropriate technology;
  • Provide database services for development and production environments that are cost effective and provide end-user information solutions;
  • Administer the Geographic Information Service Bureau in providing countywide geographic data and value-added data analysis and coordinate the countywide Geographic Information effort;
  • Maintain existing applications to assure seamless business operations; and
  • Provide general consulting and project management services to user departments.


Application Services - Organization Chart


 Network Services


Network Services is responsible for maintaining a high speed stable network environment interconnecting Palm Beach County agencies, Constitutional Offices, Local and Florida State government agencies. The Network Services team consists of a dedicated group of advanced technical engineers, network administrators and field technicians.

  • Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN ): Network Services designs, implements, migrates, supports, troubleshoots and maintains Enterprise, Client / Server networks on multiple platforms.
  • Secure Intranet Services: Network Services maintain private web and application service networks.
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN): Network Services facilitates the use of high speed internet access and provides remote locations with secure access to the Palm Beach County network.
  • Voice over IP (VoIP): Network Services is converging voice and data networks which promise to deliver significant cost-savings to all citizens of Palm Beach County.
  • Video Conferencing: Network Services is deploying enterprise class video conferencing solutions to facilitate remote collaboration both within Palm Beach County as well as to external agencies, governments and private corporations.
  • E-Government Initiatives: Leveraging the existing network infrastructure Network Services has enabled Palm Beach County to deploy e-Government initiatives such as e-Communication, e-Collaboration and e-Learning with the use of video conferencing, live video streaming and on-demand video applications.


Network Services - Organization Chart


 Platform Services


Computing Platform Services ensures reliable, responsive, survivable and cost effective storage, retrieval, processing and protection of the County's vital information. CPS manages and administers these systems for all County agencies and departments so that they can offer effective support for our citizens. We host and supervise most of the County's enterprise class information systems such as; County financials, e-mail and archiving, enterprise reporting, backup and recovery, etc.

CPS's key responsibilities include: comprehensive security program to safeguard information; operation of a 24x7 enterprise-wide IT help desk; enterprise printing; application and database hosting; desktop support; data storage and recovery; and enabling the agencies, as well as the public, web access to e-government. We have a dedicated, skilled staff that provides 24x7 support of all enterprise systems to ensure the County's business and the public's safety.

Computing Platform Services' responsibilities are met through the service sections that comprise the Division:

  • Enterprise Services
  • Desktop Support Services
  • Server Administration Services
  • Network Operations Center


Platform Services - Organization Chart