Amy Karpf 

Amy Karpf
Finance & Administrative Services Director

Finance & Administrative Services

The programs under the Finance and Administrative Services provide a wide variety of departmental and countywide support services, including:  Office of the Director; budget development and financial management; payroll and personnel management; procurement and resource manager; asset management; security; and special assignments for improving ISS policies, processes and services.

Primary services include:

  • Oversight of ISS Divisions and Functions
  • Budget and Financial Management
  • Procurement, Resource Manager, Fixed Assets
  • Human Resources and Payroll
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Information Technology Security
  • Special Studies

The Division's goals are to reduce operating costs, proactively monitor expenses and revenues, exercise good stewardship over ISS resources, prepare meaningful management reports, and provide high quality support services, with the overriding aim to attain high customer satisfaction ratings.  A formal cost allocation plan, monthly billing process and key performance indicators promote accountability for costs of services provided to partner agencies, including all Board departments and constitutional officers, as well as numerous external customers.  Other important responsibilities include strategic planning, management reporting, policy compliance, and assuring competitive pricing for information technology goods and services.