Amit Sawant 

Amit Sawant
Application Services Director

Application Services

The purpose of this Division is to work closely with partner agencies in acquiring, through purchase or in-house development, specialized software applications that support the business operations of County government.  This involves managing the full life cycle of application development which encompasses business requirements, software architecture and programming, software testing, maintenance, and change management, all administered under formal project management methodology.  

Primary services include: 

  • Develop, implement, and maintain departmental and enterprise software applications using appropriate technology;
  • Coordinate the acquisition of third party commercial software packages, as necessary;
  • Provide database services for development and production environments;
  • Maintain existing applications to assure system compatibility and overall seamless business operations;
  • Develop and maintain web pages and mobile applications; and
  • Provide general consulting and project management services to user departments. 


ISS has a long and successful history of in-house programming dating back to the early days of mainframe computing.  Through close collaboration with County departments and agencies, we build software business solutions tailored to fit the specific needs of our customers.  Numerous County departments and agencies rely upon ISS for developing and maintaining their key business applications. 

Our software development expertise has evolved as the industry shifted to client-server and then web computing platforms.  Most of our newer applications are written utilizing Microsoft's .Net development platform. 

ISS maintains an inventory of more than 300 custom built applications as well as dozens of commercial software vendor packages.  Key in-house developed and commercial software packages are summarized in the link below.


Key Business Applications



​Team Leader

​Clerk and Comptroller ​Advantage Financial System ​Prashant Varak
​Commmunity Services ​DOSS, Human Services, LIHEAP ​Amit Sawant
​Engineering & Public Works ​ePermits ​Yunus Kazi
​Environmental Resources Management ​ERM Database ​Yunus Kazi
​Human Resources ​HRIS ​Gurbir Aulakh
​Inspector General ​IG Case Management ​Amit Sawant
​Medical Examiner ​ME Database ​Amit Sawant
​Office of Small Business Administration ​OSBA Database ​Prashant Varak
​Planning, Zoning & Building ​ePZB ​Lois Erickson
​Property Appraiser ​PAPA, Online Homestead Exemption ​Amit Sawant
​Pubilc Safety ​WebEOC, Chameleon, DART ​Ben Perez
​Water Utilities ​WUD Customer Information System ​George Hricik
​Web Services ​Palm Beach County Websites, SharePoint Application, Employees Development Training System  ​Sophia Dang