​Digital Inclusion refers to students and their families who do not have a computer or internet access at home. This access is the critical first part, but addressing Digital Inclusion also encompasses technology literacy- the skills required to utilize the Computer and Internet effectively for essential services, education, employment, civic engagement and cultural participation.

Palm Beach Broadband member organizations collaborated to provide a comprehensive solution suite in specific 'high need' neighborhoods of Palm Beach County. This suite includes:

  • Computer
  • Software
  • Family Training
  • Support
  • Internet Access

 The School District currently has a program where computers that are coming 'out of service' are refurbished and then placed into the community through charitable organizations. We collaborate with local municipalities, nonprofits and schools for the family contacts to provide the free wireless internet access and technology literacy.

There are currently two Digital Divide Projects, one in West Palm Beach (Pleasant City) and the other in Delray Beach as shown below. Additional access areas are being added as this program continues to expand.

pleasant city map 

delray beach map ​