Benefits of Application Hosting

Palm Beach County’s Information Systems Services (ISS) Department has long been a provider of exceptional application development services for Palm Beach County government. By making these applications available to others, we give public sector organizations the opportunity to provide even greater services to their citizens at a greatly reduced cost. Since we are not in the market to generate a profit, we can leverage our resources to offset our application development costs and provide an excellent quality product at a reasonable cost to other public sector organizations.

Palm Beach County ISS offers flexible options for hosting our in-house developed applications to government and non-profit organizations. A cost breakdown based on your specific requirements will be provided based on further discussion and analysis.

  • No large up front capital outlay
  • System is fully tested and in production at Palm Beach County
  • System upgrades included at no additional cost
  • No additional hardware required
  • Data storage fully secured
  • Help Desk support 24/7
  • Support e-government initiatives
  • Reliable and secure communications
  • A proven track record of service to municipalities and nonprofit organizations within Palm Beach County and sovereign government (US Virgin Islands)
  • Scalable infrastructure for future technology planning and projects
NOTE:   Depending on your specific hosting requirements, we may have limited resources available for providing customizations and on-going maintenance.



application services logo PBCnet, the County’s advanced broadband for local connectivity and Internet access, provides the necessary transport for Application hosting services.​