Palm Beach Countywide GIS

Strategic Direction

2015 Project Management Team Retreat

The GIS Policy Advisory Committee (GIS-PAC) steers the priorities and direction of Countywide GIS in Palm Beach County.  The GIS-PAC consists of core County GIS agencies and Constitutional Offices working together to maintain and evolve the enterprise system.  The group reviewed the many accomplishments achieved since the 2011 retreat including the agency business processes that now rely on EGIS in the course of their daily activities.  The 2015 Retreat resulted in re-defining the organization's mission:

"Advance GIS throughout Palm Beach County by developing collaborative, innovative and sustainable ways to improve business processes and services."

Strategic Themes

  • Efficiency - EGIS will help agencies carry out their mandated functions in the most efficient way possible
  • Quality - Both in products created and services provided
  • Responsiveness - Responsive to the needs of its customers


  • Enterprise Focus - Efforts of EGIS will cross multiple Agencies
  • Priority Setting - Vetting and compromise via the self-directed team
  • Risk Management - Evaluate technical and financial risk
  • Process Management - Pursuit of initiatives that improve business processes across agencies on an enterprise level

Combining feedback from the GIS Project Management Team (PMT) Retreat and information from the GIS-PAC, priorities were set in the following areas:

  • Education
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Geospatial Portal Collaboration
  • Enterprise Mobile Applications
  • Open Data Initiative
  • Succession Planning

Other specific tasks were identified and will be pursued as the above priority areas are accomplished and resources become available.  The GIS PMT completed a significant task of documenting the GIS organization, operation and applications in a document titled GIS in Palm Beach County.  This living document outlines the County's uniqueness of the enterprise system, and will also be used for new GIS staff orientation.  Our partners are encouraged to use this document and to provide updates and feedback when necessary.