​Palm Beach Countywide GIS

GIS Organization and Guidance

One of the EGIS strategic themes is efficiency. Our Enterprise GIS is dependent upon having a centrally managed repository of geographic data. While maintenance of the data is often decentralized, access to various agency geographic data is centrally managed. This means that a sophisticated system of databases, servers, high-speed networks and web technology must be available and continuously enhanced and maintained.

The GIS Organization Structure includes the GIS Policy Advisory Committee (GIS-PAC), the GIS Project Management Team (PMT) and the Palm Beach Countywide GIS Forum http://www.gisforum.org. The GIS-PAC is the steering committee, the PMT is responsible for the enterprise system (EGIS), and the Forum is its own not-for-profit GIS educational organization that brings in other government entities and the private sector. The GIS Forum holds bi-monthly networking and educational meetings and has produced over 22 annual conferences, surpassing most state GIS conferences in attendance. The GIS Operations include:

Countywide GIS Coordination

Countywide GIS Coordination is housed in the ISS Department due to the service nature of the organization. Countywide GIS Coordination is responsible for:

  • Developing Partnerships
  • End User Coordination
  • Intergovernmental Coordination
  • Contract Administration
  • eGIS Strategic Planning
  • GIS Education
  • Public Relations
  • Managing the GIS Service Bureau

Currently there is one employee handling this function:

GIS Service Bureau

Palm Beach County established the GIS Service Bureau in ISS as part of the Platform Services Division. The Service Bureau maintains the EGIS technical environment, develops and maintains GIS web applications, performs quality assurance, manages enterprise projects, publishes and handles the distribution of GIS data to both the public and private sectors.

As a member of the GIS Policy Advisory Committee, ISS plays a key role in supporting GIS activities in Palm Beach County. From administrative to technical, the ISS organization is positioned to facilitate the use and growth of Geographic Information technology both within the County government structure and extending outward to other local governments in the area.

GIS Project Management Team

The GIS Project Management Team is appointed by the GIS Policy Advisory Committee. Members include technical/managerial staff responsible for the review and recommendations of matters concerning GIS. The members represent core agencies that create, maintain and use geographic information. Their successful implementation of EGIS is attributed to the Self-Directed Team approach for the project team. These individuals are responsible, not only for their department's GIS mission, but also for the enterprise GIS activities as well.

Countywide GIS Coordination

 Regina Hagger 561-355-2246

Emergency Management/Public Safety

Beth Norton 561-712-6487   Fax 561-712-6490

Engineering - Streetscape

Matt R. King 561 355-3808  Fax 561 355-2029

Environmental Resources Management

Matthew King 561-233-2421   Fax 561-233-2414


 Nicole D'Antonio 561-616-6987

Planning Zoning and Building

Dale Whitfield  561-233-5253   Fax 561-233-5365

Property Appraiser's Office

 Roger Michaud  561-355-3330    Fax 561-355-1528

Sheriff's Office


​Water Utilities Department

Danny Thorpe 561-493-6115    Fax 561-493-6071