​Palm Beach Countywide GIS

Countywide GIS

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) program is established to support the core business functions of the county by providing timely, accurate and meaningful geographic information.  GIS tools, including fully integrated data, custom applications, mapping capabilities and professional expertise supports proper analysis and cost-effective decision-making.  This entails the maintenance of a technical architectural framework upon which services can be added with minimal interruption of service.  It also requires coordination of GIS activities among county departments, and with all of the public sector entities throughout the county. 

GIS Administration identifies and evaluates technology solutions to meet increasing demands for the availability of GIS services to support mission critical business processes.  GIS technology is integrated with existing agency business applications.  Opportunities for expanding the use of GIS capabilities are also identified.  GIS staff is continuously mentored to develop new skill sets, provide transfer of knowledge and enhanced customer support.   

Countywide GIS Coordination meets regularly with public and private sector organizations to establish standard operating procedures and data formats in order to facilitate the integration of GIS data and applications across agencies.  Cost-sharing for the maintenance and sharing of GIS data is coordinated with other public entities.  Collaboration with both the public and private sector agencies is promoted through the Palm Beach Countywide GIS Forum to constantly expand and improve the quality of GIS data and technology.   

The GIS team develops custom business applications, and redesigns and replaces existing applications to improve system performance, scalability and to take advantage of new features and functionality.  Internally developed code is re-used for consistency and efficiency.  Staff also monitors industry trends to stay abreast of reliable technological enhancements. 

The GIS Service Bureau provides data distribution and services to county agencies, other public sector agencies, private sector organizations, and the general public.  Data is maintained and published in the enterprise system, providing public access to GIS data via myGeoNav and the GIS Data Catalog

The GIS program meets responsibilities through the service sections that comprise the function as follows: 

  • GIS Administration
  • Countywide GIS Coordination
  • GIS Application Services
  • GIS Service Bureau


Countywide GIS Coordination is housed in the ISS Department due to the service nature of the organization. GIS is a section of the Platform Services Division. Countywide GIS Coordination is responsible for:

  • Developing Partnerships
  • End User Coordination
  • Intergovernmental Coordination
  • Contract Administration
  • Planning
  • GIS Education
  • Public Relations
  • Managing the GIS Service Bureau